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Sony VW600ES wins Editor's Choice

It took a bit longer to get the 4K source material for the Sony VW600ES testing, but it was worth the wait...

The review of the Sony VPL-VW600ES was posted on Wednesday. We were very enthused to give it our top Editor's Choice award. Rarely does a projector come along that is as beautifully done and transformational as this one. And the most exciting part about it is that you don't need 4K source material to justify it. HD 1080p and even standard DVD looks better than ever on this projector. In our view, even if 4K source material never were to come to market, the benefits of upscaling lower resolution sources to 4K are obvious enough that the price is justified. But plenty of native 4K material will be here soon enough anyway.

The shootout between the Runco X-200i and the Epson 6030UB has been much more of an eye-opening experience than I would have anticipated. Their performance is much closer than their widely disparate price tags would lead one to assume. We are doing full calibrations for each type of source on both projectors and will include this data in the article. So I'm not able to wrap it up this week like I had planned. Next week is a vacation week for me, so the first order of business when returning a week from Monday will be to finish this comparative study.

Evan Powell


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