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Epson takes on Runco

Since we had the Runco X-200i ($14,999) and the Epson 6030UB ($3,499) both in house, we were curious to see how they would stack up...

Not only is the Runco X-200i over four times the price, it is three times the weight and size (61 lbs vs. 19 lbs). It just looks like a much more formidable projector and it is certainly more cumbersome to install. The question is---how much better is the picture quality of the X-200i over the 6030UB?

In this shootout between the Runco X-200i and the Epson 6030UB we examine picture quality issues and how they relate to different types of source material. We were surprised to find that in most cases the Epson 6030UB can be calibrated to match or exceed the image performance of the X-200i. See the shootout for all the details and calibrations.

Both of these models are sold by CEDIA custom installers and specialty HT retailers, so you can look those folks up in your neighborhood for further details. But the bottom line on this comparison was that spending premium dollars on a high-end model does not guarantee you a better picture.

Evan Powell


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