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BenQ W7500 review posted

BenQ has been producing a solid line of digital projectors lately, including some impressive home theater models...

The latest flagship home theater unit in their line is the BenQ W7500, a DLP-based model priced in the mid-$2000 range.

The W7500 is a solid home theater projector, putting out ample light and a very sharp picture. For all the details, check out Bill's new review of the W7500, just posted this morning.

Next up in the review schedule is the Epson Pro Cinema G6900. At up to 6000 lumens and 1920x1200 resolution, this projector is designed more for ambient light situations rather than traditional home theater. The much higher lumen output comes at a higher price tag ($6,499), so this is in a different price/performance class altogether than projectors made for home theater. But if you need the lumen output in a large entertainment room where you don't want to turn the lights off, the G6900 may be the perfect solution.

Evan Powell


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