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Optoma's HD91 review: LED for Home Theater

As those on our email notification list already know, we posted a new review of the Optoma HD91 on Wednesday...

The Optoma HD91 is the first fully featured home theater projector to incorporate an LED light source anticipated to last as much as 20,000 hours. LED light engines are not as bright as those built around high pressure arc lamps, but they have been getting incrementally brighter with each new product cycle. The HD91, while certainly not as bright as the competition, has sufficient light for many home theater installations. Don't miss Bill's review of the Optoma HD91, especially if this technology is of interest to you.

Next up in the home theater review cycle is the Acer H5380BD. This is a very bright little machine, rated at 3000 lumens, and it will get a lot of enthusiastic attention due to its price well under $600. It offers 1280x720 resolution which is 16:9 native format. Though it is not native 1080p, it will display full 1920x1080p signals with not too much loss of detail, and for the money that kind of performance is something to get excited about. The H5380BD review will be posted next week.

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Evan Powell