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A Look at the Cheapest Projectors

If you poke around much on Amazon or eBay, you'll find a lot of very cheap projectors from brands you've never heard of. Just what are these things, and how good could they possibly be for the low-ball prices?

They are often advertised as full HD, 1080P, with 20,000 LED lamps. They have very low wattage, around 100W or less, but they can mysteriously generate up to 2800 ANSI lumens, if you believe the hype. And they sell for dirt cheap prices, in the range of $179 to $250.

We'd always been amused by these ads and assumed they were complete junk. But we had never bothered to look at one--the vendors who make them don't seek out professional reviews. So we decided to buy three of them on Amazon and see what they really look like up close.

As of yesterday, all three reviews are posted. An overview of our findings has also been posted in the commentary section. For all the sordid details, see Cheap Projectors -- how bad are they? for some observations and links to each of the reviews.

Evan Powell


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Jeff Posted Aug 22, 2014 8:41 AM PST
Any plans to review the new Optoma GT1080? This looks to be a very compelling sub $1,000 ultra short throw projector with <14ms input lag for gamers.

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