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We've posted several new items in the last couple days, so here is a rundown...

The Epson LS10000 review has been updated. The Performance section now includes CIE gamut charts and comments on 3D performance. The LS10000 has been upgraded in rating to "Editor's Choice," an award we give to only the truly exceptional new products. See the Epson LS1000 review for details.

The BenQ HT1075 review was posted yesterday. This is a minor update to the hot W1070, a formidable 1080p projector for its modest price under $1000.

We saw some great 4K video at the CEDIA 2014 in Denver last week. We also saw some not so great 4K, and some that was downright offputting. My thoughts on the CEDIA 2014 show and the 4K rollout have been posted here.

Evan Powell


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Julio Goncalves Posted Sep 29, 2014 3:22 PM PST
Why no post for Optoma HD26? When we can have the review? Sold out from Amazon at $699 and most reviews from true buyers are 5 stars.
Evan Powell, Editor Posted Sep 29, 2014 3:54 PM PST
Julio, all three of the Optoma projectors we received for review two weeks ago, including the HD26, had a firmware bug in them that caused them to perform far below spec. We are waiting for updated samples. Hopefully they will arrive this week.

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