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Epson 3500 review posted

Epson's new line of modestly priced 1080p video projectors includes the Home Cinema 3000, 3500, and 3600e...

The entry level Epson Home Cinema 3000, priced at $1,299 is intended to replace the long-lived 8350, while the 3500 at $1,699 and its wireless version the 3600e ($1,999), provide higher performance, solid light output, and outstanding on-board speakers for portable and living room applications. We've just posted the review of the Epson 3500.

AN IMPORTANT CORRECTION: Due to a confluence of factors I won't bother to rehearse I overlooked the dramatic super high end 4K models released by DIGITAL PROJECTION INC. at CEDIA. The company introduced two new models, the INSIGHT 4K LASER ($119,995), and the INSIGHT 4K LED ($149,995). Both of these models will begin shipping this quarter. I've updated my CEDIA recap to include info on these releases.

Evan Powell


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