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CEDIA 2015 and TI's new 4K Chip

The CEDIA 2015 trade show round up has been posted, along with thoughts on the new 4K DLP chip from Texas Instruments...

Lots of developments at this show ... Sony's got new 4K models and a new 1080p model ... Epson unveiled a hot 4800 lumen 1080p model for ambient light situations ... JVC updated their entire line ... and much more. See the CEDIA 2015 Round-Up for details.

Also in the CEDIA review is some info on the dramatic new 4K DLP chip from TI. This little development has the potential to do some moving and shaking in the projector industry next year, with products expected to hit the streets by summer.

Bill is still working on the Ambient Light Rejection screens. This large review includes a look at a total of nine screens, including the Da-Lite Parallax 0.8, the DNP Supernova, the Draper TecVision MX1000X, the Elite DarkStar and DarkStar9, the Microlite F3.0, the Screen Innovations Black Diamond 1.4, the Stewart FireHawk G4, and the Seymour Matinee Black. So it is a long tunnel, but we're seeing light at the end of it. With any luck we hope to have this published next week.

We have just received the Benq HT2050, HT3050, and HT4050 and reviews of those are underway. These will require some comparative work, and we have a shootout in the works between these and other sub-$1000 1080p home theater models like the Epson Home Cinema 2040 and the Optoma HD28DSE. This big project is a priority. We will get it done asap.

Evan Powell


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Tony Posted Oct 26, 2015 12:38 PM PST
Kinda disappointing that there's still nothing any better than the 2 year old Epsons and Sonys, in the sub $2500 price range, for dedicated home theaters. Come on people! Enough with the ambient light and $10,000 4k projectors.
Vincent Posted Oct 27, 2015 9:20 AM PST
Any news on the new BenQ reviews? I look foward to read them and the shootout!

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