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Reviews in the mix...

As always, a lot of new home theater projectors hit the market this time of year, so lots of reviews are lined up...

Either currently in house or schedule to arrive by early next week are the following:

Sony VPL-HW65ES, $3999, an elegant classic home theater projector, and an upgrade to the HW55ES

Vivitek DH559, $699, a small, portable 5 lb 1080p projector rated at 3200 lumens

Epson Pro Cinema 1985, $2,499, a 1920x1200 video projector rated at a whopping 4800 lumens for use in ambient light, and its slightly smaller brother, the Epson Home Cinema 1440, $1,699, with same resolution rated at 4400 lumens.

The exact review schedule for each of these will be determined in part by their arrival date, but we hope to get them all reviewed prior to the Christmas break.

For those waiting for the Ambient Light Rejection screen shootout, as you probably suspect, we've encountered some unexpected difficulties with this project. At the moment I don't know how long it will take to get this resolved, so I can't make any estimate on its completion date. Please accept our apologies for the confusion. We intend to get this back on track as soon as we untangle a few kinks in the line.

Wishing you a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday...

Evan Powell


Reader Comments(2 comments)

Posted Dec 8, 2015 9:01 AM PST

By Gregory Garver

Hello - I'm a DIY'er and I need to order an ALR screen in the next week or two. I was planning to go with the Microlite, based on your earlier review - but I see you are undertaking a broader review. Are there any early results that would lead you to believe there may be a better value ALR screen out there? Thanks! Love you guys. - Greg

Posted Dec 11, 2015 2:42 AM PST

By Sebastien

Is the Epson Pro Cinema 1985 the same model as Australian Epson EB-1985WU? Best regards!

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