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New reviews posted

Video gamers who want a small and very fast mobile projector will want to check out the lightning quick 17 ms input lag on the Philips PPX4010...

The Philips PPX 4010 is a palm size projector that you can pick up for $299 on Amazon. For those who need mobility and super fast response, see the new review of the PPX4010.

Also just posted yesterday is the review of the BenQ TH670. This 1080p projector is now selling for $599, so if you're looking for excellent HD resolution on a budget for home entertainment or data presentation, check this one out.

ViewSonic just started shipping a terrific new 1080p home theater model for about $799. The Viewsonic Pro7827HD review gives you an up close look at it.

Meanwhile, the NEC M353WS delivers a lot of light for its 3500 rating. We actually measured its brightest mode at 25% ABOVE spec ... a whopping 4,355 lumens. For a bright data projector with the convenience of short throw, see the review.

Up next in the queue are these...

LG PH550. LG’s newly released 1.4 lb, high contrast (100,000:1) pico projector is spec’d to deliver 550 lumens at 1280x720 resolution. This battery driven ultra-portable has a light engine expected to run 30,000 hours. It just began shipping in the last few weeks at a street of $549.

Sony VPL-VW365ES. Sony has the only native 4K resolution projectors on the market under $10,000, and this is their latest offering. For elegant home theater at a sophisticated price. We will be posting Lab Test results on this unit shortly.

Evan Powell


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