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Review News -- Epson 6040UB, BenQ HT2150ST, Acer P6500

An update on the Epson 6040 review and other projects in the mix...

Thanks for all of the email asking about the status of the Epson Pro Cinema 6040 review. We should have this wrapped up this week, but here are the issues. First, input lag is of key concern to many of you. As you may know, Epson home theater projectors typically have a Fine mode and a Fast mode. Fine usually gives you incrementally better picture quality due to additional video processing at the expense of input lag. Fast gives you a somewhat less refined picture with shorter lag.

On the pre-production sample we measured both the Fine and Fast modes to be 28 ms. Since this was unusual, we suspected there may be some processing logic yet to be activated in production samples. So we did not want to publish that data. Now that we have the production units in house, we find that Fine and Fast both continue to measure 28 ms. So we've asked Epson to comment on the different modes. We hope to have this clarified shortly.

There are also some compatibility questions with regard to HDR. The industry has not defined interface standards between source and video display devices for 4K and HDR with respect to combinations of frame rates, color bit depth, and chroma sub-sampling. As a result, source devices work with some projectors and TVs but not others. For example, at the moment the Xbox One S is not HDR compatible with the Epson 6040. So we are trying to make sense of some of this as part of the review. We won't have it all sorted out this week of course, but we will report what we know.

Meanwhile, the BenQ HT2150ST Gaming Projector just won our Editor's Choice Award, which we give only to products that are uniquely outstanding for their intended application. In this case the HT2150ST measures a rapid 16 ms, making it the fastest digital projector we've ever tested. And it delivers superb video and low fan noise to boot. We loved this unit.

We just posted a review of the Acer P6500 today. This is a compact full HD installation projector rated at 5000 lumens and selling for only $1300. A terrific value if you need bright 1080p in a reasonably portable package.

Evan Powell


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Tony Posted Oct 24, 2016 3:32 PM PST
The deteriorated image quality in fast mode with the 5030 was the main thing I had wanted Epson to fix, so great news if this is the case. Assuming fine mode is just as fast, is there any way you can check to see how much delay is added by turning on other features such as frame interpolation, 4k upscaling, and other image enhancement features?

In your discussion with Epson, you should ask about the 10-bit limitation on their HDMI chipset. Discussions on other forum sites point to this, in combination with the image format sent by various devices, as being the issue with properly transmitting and displaying 4k HDR images.

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