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ProjectorCentral PRO now open for AV Professionals

A newly expanded version of ProjectorCentral designed for professional AV buyers, resellers, custom installers, and manufacturers, just went live this weekend...

The all new ProjectorCentral PRO gives AV professionals more data than ever before to give you a competitive edge. Whether you're a professional buyer, reseller, product manager, or in marketing and PR, you'll find ProjectorCentral PRO to be an essential resource. Here's what you get:

1. PRO Competition Reports: The new Competition Reports give you quick access to far more competitive data than we've published before. Just select any projector and see instantly all of the models that it competes most directly with. And you can see how that projector stacks up against those direct competitors in popularity, price, lamp life, replacement lamp costs, product age, and warranty. The Competition Reports let you see what's hot and what's not from picos and pockets to large venue.

2. PRO Database Search: PRO gives you much more powerful and in-depth Database search than is available on the free site. It lets you customize sort criteria to match your exact requirements. The PRO site also has terminal connector data on over 2,700 models. So you can now search for projectors that have the specific set of inputs you need. Also, PC PRO lets you search by min and max Throw Ratio to find all models that meet your throw requirements, including which specific optional lenses are required.

Consumers ... if you are a consumer and casual visitors the regular ProjectorCentral site remains free and largely unchanged. You still have all of the resources the site has always offered other than customizable sort ranges and the ability to sort on fixed throw ratios. But the competitive data in PRO is helpful in choosing a projector. Sign up for a Consumer 30-Day Pass if you want access to the same information the trade professionals are getting.

How much is it?

Access to ProjectorCentral PRO is $29 per month. You can drop that to less than $21/mo. with an annual sign-up.

Sign up for ProjectorCentral PRO

And by the way ... if you are one of the thousands of regular users that use ProjectorCentral several times a week, a membership in ProjectorCentral PRO not only gives you a lot more critical data, but it is an opportunity to help support us and fund the growth of the data services you've been relying on. We will be adding new services and features to ProjectorCentral PRO going forward. So check it out and tell us what other features you'd like to see us develop. We are grateful for your use and support of the site.

Evan Powell