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We have introduced a third product editorial format called the New Product Announcement which you are now seeing on the home page...

What is the New Product Announcement?

To keep you posted on the most exciting new projectors about to start shipping ... we will spotlight them with New Product Announcements. These are not reviews, but rather highlights of a new product's features, specs, and price. They will include photos of the projector and connection panel, and discussion about the market applications they are intended for.

This new editorial format will get information to you much faster than a Review or a Road Test, because new products are usually not available for testing before they start shipping. It will also make you aware of the hottest units that are about to hit the market. Here are several of the latest ones:

BenQ HT8050 4K Projector

Dell 7760 Advanced Projector

Hitachi WU3500 LED Installation Projector

LG ProBeam Laser Home Theater Projector

Of course we are continuing to do Reviews for home theater and consumer oriented projectors. Many of these products will be featured first in a New Product Announcement, then followed by a Review after we've had a chance to evaluate it in our facilities.

Also, Road Tests are being done on selected commercial and business products that we think warrant special attention. For a projector to receive our Road Test Certified logo, we need to test it in our facilities to verify that it meets performance expectations. The products chosen for Road Test certification are those we think will be of particular interest to buyers in specific business, education, or other commercial applications.

Evan Powell


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