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New HT Projector and Panasonic AE8000 sale

Viewsonic ships the new PX800HD, and Panasonic AE8000 has a limited time rebate...

Huge 150" UST Home Theater: The new ViewSonic PX800HD ships this month, delivering ultra-short throw convenience with a maximum screen size of up to 150". See the PX800HD New Product Annoucement.

Hot Deal Alert---> Pro-AV resellers are offering a $300 rebate on the Panasonic AE8000U if ordered by March 31. That is a much better deal than you can get on Amazon. This is the best price for a home theater projector with automated Lens Memory currently on the market. Though the AE8000 has been around a long time, it was way ahead of its time and still represents an outstanding value in premium home theater. See Panasonic dealers offering this rebate.

4K Projectors: The Database sort engine has been enhanced to allow a sort on all types of 4K projectors so you can track their arrival in the marketplace. For details see 4K Projector Tracker.

Evan Powell


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Rich Posted Mar 22, 2017 9:05 AM PST
Hopefully this means that a new Panasonic projector for the home market will be coming out soon.

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