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New E-Z Quotes system now live

We've just activated E-Z Quotes, a new online price quoting system to make it easier than ever to shop for projectors...

Shopping for projectors the traditional way is time consuming. To save time shopping you can now use our E-Z Quotes system to request price quotes by email. This is the fastest way to find out what kinds of deals there are on the projector you want.

You will find a new E-Z Quotes link on most projector spec pages in the Database, right under the product photo. For example, here is the spec page of the ViewSonic PJD7720HD, a popular 1080p conference room projector. (If there is no E-Z Quotes link on a model's spec page, price quotes for that model are not available through this service).

E-Z Quotes is a FREE service, but if you don't want to use the E-Z Quotes system, you can still click to each dealer directly for pricing and other information you need. However, if you use E-Z Quotes you will find it is an easy new way to shop for projectors.

Evan Powell


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