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Review schedule update 10/23

We've got quite a few more newly released home theater projectors scheduled for review in the coming weeks...

First up this week are the new BenQ HT1070A and the Epson Home Cinema 1060. These entry level native 1080p projectors are priced at about $650 each and are being reviewed together in a side by side comparison. We are in the final stages of putting this one to bed, and hope to have it posted by mid-week.

Next, the Epson Home Cinema 2150 and the just announced Optoma HD39Darbee are also being evaluated in a side by side review -- they are both 1080p models priced at $899. We are doing comparisons of home theater models at similar price points so you can focus on the reviews in your particular budget range.

Having just reviewed the Epson LS100, we are now looking at one of its direct competitors, the Vivitek DH765Z-UST. This is a 3D-enabled, DLP-based ultra short throw projector priced in the same general range of about $3,000 give or take. Both of these are laser driven Full HD models intended for use in ambient light, so they are brighter and lower in contrast than classical home theater projectors intended for use in the dark.

Also currently in house is the Vivitek HK2288, which is Vivitek's aggressively priced 4K projector using the 4K UHD DLP chip. Priced at $1,999 it competes directly with the Optoma UHD60 and we are looking at these two units side by side. Though we have already reviewed the UHD60 with the Epson HC 4000, we will include comparative data in this upcoming review.

The Optoma UHZ65, a laser based 4K DLP projector at $4,495 is in house and will be reviewed in November.

Finally, we expect the arrival any moment of the JVC DLA-RS440K with the latest eshift 5 technology. Priced at $3,999 it is close in price to the Optoma UHZ65, and it fits between the Sony VPL-VW285ES at $4,999, and the Epson HC 5040UB and the Optoma UHD65, both at about $2500.

Evan Powell


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Tony Posted Oct 23, 2017 6:39 AM PST
Awesome line-up. Love the comparisons. Would be interesting to see how the entry level 1080p projectors stack upagainst the Sony 40, to see if the price is worth the upgrade for the Sony.
richard Posted Oct 24, 2017 7:55 AM PST
I look forward to your review of the vivitek dh765z especially comparing it to the Epson ls100 you just reviewed. Can you review the lg hf85ja ust laser projector or are you already planning on doing a review of it in the near future..?
Dave Posted Oct 27, 2017 5:48 AM PST
I'd love to see a shoot-out between Optoma UHD65 and Vivitek HK2299. I watched Lucy UHD on the HK2299 and walked away very impressed by contrast, black levels, and sharpness. It's not clear to me how the Optoma compares on colors and deep blacks.
Michael Posted Oct 27, 2017 12:05 PM PST
I'm personally interested in how Optoma UHZ65 stacks up against Sony's 4k projectors. I'm waiting on this review before I purchase.

Let me know if there are other 4k laser projectors inbound.
David Posted Oct 27, 2017 1:31 PM PST
Love to see a three way shoot-out Epson 5040, Sony-VW285ES and JVC-DLA-RS440K. My wallet tells me to stick to the Epson, but I want 4k (shift based or full), along with 3D. A shoot-out would greatly help me, and many others in the market

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