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Reviews in process 1/25/18

With the release of several $1500 4K home theater projectors, we are moving forward as fast as we can to get them reviewed...

The reviews depend upon the availability of review units of course. We have already received the ViewSonic PX727-4K and we're getting into it now. Optoma says the Optoma UHD50 will be on its way shortly. We don't have a final status on the BenQ HT2550, but at minimum these three projectors will be reviewed as soon as we can get our eyes and meters on them.

As far as home theater is concerned, the release of 4K projectors at $1500 causes a revaluation of all 1080p projectors that cost less -- when is 1080p for under $1000 sufficient, and when should you step up to 4K at the $1500 price point? And in fact there is a lot of action going on in 1080p home theater way down in the $500 to $700 price range.

So... our next major project is Hot Home Theater for $700 or Less. We are bringing in about ten 1080p models selling in the $500 to $700 price range from Acer, BenQ, Epson, Optoma, and Viewsonic. We will be writing up individual reviews for each as well as comparative notes so you can sort out which of these might be best for your needs at this budget level. This is a big project with lots of models to set up and compare, so we expect to get it posted some time around the first week of March.

Also in the works right now, we are bringing in the new ViewSonic LS800HD, a laser-driven, 5500 lumen 1080p projector with lightening quick 16 ms input lag. This formidable machine just started shipping this month for under $3500. The review of the LS800HD will be done in February.

Meanwhile, we just posted David Stone's thoughts on JVC RS440U vs. Optoma UHZ65, both outstanding projectors in the $4000 to $4500 price range.

Evan Powell


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Abraham Posted Jan 26, 2018 11:59 AM PST
Yes! Excited to read the reviews for this new age of projectors. Thanks for your updates!!!

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