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Epson HC 4000: A Second Look

Now that we've seen many of the new 4K projectors under $2,000, it is time to reassess the Epson HC 4000 in today's competitive context...

A lot has happened since we first looked at the Epson Home Cinema 4000 last summer. We've seen a flood of new 4K DLP projectors hit the market, coming in as low as $1299. One of its primary competitors, the Optoma UHD60 has been price reduced to $1799. And the HC 4000 itself is frequently promoted at $1799 (its current price today), although promotions come and go on this model at the blink of an eye.

In addition, over the Christmas season and just before CES, Epson released a new firmware update on the HC 4000 that made noteworthy improvements to its HDR processing. In the whirlwind of new 4K projector news that hit CES in January, this got blown out of the headlines.

Now that we've had a chance to see and review many of the new low priced 4K projectors, we've taken another long look at the HC 4000 and just posted an updated assessment of the Epson HC 4000 vs. the Optoma UHD60.

The bottom line is that the Epson HC 4000 offers quite competitive HDR and 4K resolution performance, and it is particularly formidable in brightness, contrast, and clarity with 1080p sources. But beyond image quality considerations, it runs circles around its 4K DLP competitors in features, offering a wide range of capabilities that are either rare or non-existent on 4K projectors under $2,000, including a bright, rich, high contrast 3D capability, Frame Interpolation for image clarity and stability, extensive vertical and horizontal lens shift, and automated Lens Memory for constant image height 2.4:1 CinemaScope installations.

All thing considered, despite the flood of low priced 4K projectors hitting the market this spring, the Epson Home Cinema 4000 continues to stand as one of the most formidable home theater projectors under $2000 in today's market.

Evan Powell


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Toby Posted Apr 27, 2018 12:32 PM PST
Still torn between the 4000 and the 5040.
Hydbb Posted May 1, 2018 11:14 PM PST
If you have a CIH/scope setup in a room with poor light control, get the 4000. If you have a CIH/scope setup in a room with good light control, get the 5040. If you have a 16:9 setup in a room with poor light control, get the 3100. If you have a 16:9 setup in a room with good light control, get the hw45. If you have a room with good light control and a budget closer to $3000, look at JVC.

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