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New Site Features and Review notes

We're adding several new features to ProjectorCentral this summer. A couple of them are already up and active ...

New Site Features

1. Top 10 Ultra Short Throw Report. UST projectors are a hot item these days due to simplicity of installation and the elimination of presenter's shadows on the screen. We've added a Top 10 UST Projectors list in the Left Nav bar that gives you a quick glance at the UST projectors getting the most attention from readers.

2. Road Test Certified Projectors -- Expanded Visibility. All projectors for which have been Road Test Certified are now highlighted in the Top 10 Reports, on the models' Spec Pages, and in the Projector Database. Whenever you sort the Projector Database on the features you want, all models that meet your criteria that have been Road Test Certified will appear at the top of the search results.


We recently posted David's review of the Optoma UHD51A, a voice-activated 4K model that features not only Amazon's Alexa, but also now Google Assist as a second voice command platform (just announced last week). By the way, we inadvertently left color brightness measurements out of the review. The review has now been updated with that data.

ViewSonic has been hot in the home theater sector these days with the outstanding PX727-4K and its brighter sibling the PX747-4K. These are priced at $1299, which is amazing value for 4K projectors. But many folks don't want to spend that much, and there are a lot of Full HD 1080p projectors way under $1000 that can deliver a very high quality home theater experience.

We've just requested a sample of the new ViewSonic PX706HD, a native 1080p model priced at $789. This 3000-lumen projector has a wide angle lens that will put up a 135" diagonal picture from a distance as little as 7 feet. So it is ideal if you're looking for the huge screen experience but you don't have a large room to go with it. Based on the solid performance of ViewSonic's home theater projectors lately, we are anxious to see what this one can do.

Evan Powell

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Austin Posted Jun 19, 2018 4:19 PM PST
Any chance the JVC lx-uh1 is coming down the pipe? The massive lens shift has my attention...
Evan Powell, Editor Posted Jun 19, 2018 5:32 PM PST
Austin, we've requested a unit. JVC says they are sold out on back orders so no review units are being released in the first 60 to 90 days of shipment. If we can find one we will review it.

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