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Posts about upcoming product reviews and releases, tradeshows, new technology and advanced product features as well as our thoughts and observations on all things related to projectors.

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Archives for the year 2003:
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Let the Review Speak for Itself

We have just posted the review of the Mitsubishi HC3 and we are adding it to our Highly Recommended list. Home theater purists will be surprised, wondering how we could get behind a product carrying a 500:1 contrast ratio? It is simple to explain, but I'll let the review speak for itself. This has been a great year for us here at ProjectorCentral. We are deeply grateful to all of you who have used and supported our site, and helped us to grow by telling friends and associates about us. We have much to be thankful for this holiday season.more
Topics: Mitsubishi HC3

Optoma H76 Production Units Not Yet in the US

Yesterday we posted a comparative shoot-out review of the Panasonic PT-L500U and the Sanyo PLV-Z2. As noted on this page last week I had originally planned to do two separate articles, the first a Panasonic L500 review and the second a comparative analysis. But as they were being written they seemed to converge into a shoot-out format. So I decided not to fight it and go with the flow.more

A Thousand Emails

After returning from a long Thanksgiving weekend we were greeted with well over a thousand emails in the box. Since we cannot respond to each of them personally, I will address the issues of the most common topics here.... Many asked about comparisons of the Sanyo PLV-Z2 to various other models in, above and below its price range. We will get some comparative comments up in the next week or so.more

Welcome Interlude

Since we've had some issues with one of the units in the planned group review, we accelerated the review of the Sanyo PLV-Z2, which many of you have been waiting for. This unit is one of the hottest projectors for the money we've ever seen. We are proud to include it in the Highly Recommended list. If you are about to spend two grand for a projector, take a very close look at this one.more

Thanks for Asking

When is the shoot-out review of the Philips bCool XG1, the Mitsubishi XD50U Mini-Mits, the BenQ PB2220, and the NEC LT170 going to be posted? Good question. All I can say is "soon."more

Transitional Period for Projection Value

Some of you have noticed that the Epson TW100 has been removed from the current list of Highly Recommended Home Theater Projectors. Why, you ask?more

Economical Screen Shortcuts

We are currently working on a review of the Philips bCool XG1. We also have the Mitsubishi XD50U Mini-Mits and the BenQ PB2220 in the lab as well. All three of these units are sub-4 lb. ultra-portables with high contrast and native XGA resolution. They are selling in the same price range, so we are evaluating them as a group and will post the reviews of all three next week.more

Mitsubishi XD300U Added to Highly Recommended List

We've just posted an updated review of the Mitsubishi XD300U and XD350U. Due to recent drops in street prices, the XD300U will be added to our Highly Recommended list. It is currently an outstanding value for the money for home theater. For those interested in the amazing Bravo D1 DVI-enabled DVD player, you can normally order it direct from V, Inc. for $199. However for a limited time, ProjectorCentral readers can get an additional 10% off both the player and the DVI cable that is sold separately, should you need it. For details, click here.more

A Gem from Toshiba

The latest review to be posted is the Toshiba MT500. This is a low lumen output machine, but it produces a beautiful picture on a smaller home theater screen. For those who have limited space and don't want to super-size their screens, this one is a gem.more

A Great Little SVGA Projector

We have just posted the review on the Mitsubishi HC2 Colorview. This is a great little SVGA projector that we are happy to bring to your attention. The price might be a show stopper for some, but shopping around will probably solve that problem for you.more

Innovative NEC

I was hoping to have the review on the Mitsubishi HC2 Colorview posted today. I am liking this unit more than I thought I would, and want to spend some more time with it over the weekend before posting the final review. Please look for it later Monday afternoon.more

Great Value Among Hi Res DLP

The review of the BenQ PE8700 has just been posted. If you are looking for great value among high resolution DLP products, this is a beauty. We are adding it to the Highly Recommended list. We've had a number of requests for comment on the Mitsubishi HC2 Colorview. After seeing it I understand why. That unit produces remarkably good video for a standard SVGA LCD product. We will get that review posted by Friday.more

BenQ PE8700 Review Forthcoming

I was hoping to get the review of the BenQ PE8700 posted today. We've been working on it all week, and the projector is looking really good. We are just waiting for responses from BenQ engineering on a couple of technical points, and it appears we won't have that info until Monday. So the review on this unit will go up on Monday afternoon. We've had a number of requests for comment on the Mitsubishi HC2 Colorview. After seeing it I understand why. That unit produces remarkably good video for a standard SVGA LCD product. We will get that review posted next week also.

CEDIA Overview Posted

This week we've been heavily involved in CEDIA follow up activity, arranging for review units and getting more details on the products announced. This is an exciting time in the business. For an overview of this year's CEDIA show, click here. There has been a special offer on the NEC HT1000 underway recently that includes an optional anamorphic lens. How many people know what an anamorphic lens is? Not many, based on the emails we've been getting. So just posted is a new piece entitled What is an anamorphic lens?more

A Bargain Hunter's Dream

In a word, this year's CEDIA trade show was TERRIFIC. A truck load of new projectors were unveiled, and it has taken all week to write up the show and get the new models added to the database. Since these are newly announced units, many specs are preliminary or missing. So please bear with us (and with the vendors) -- we will post updated specs and pricing on all new models as they materialize. If they aren't there at the moment, it is because they have not been published yet.more
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Heading to CEDIA

I am leaving tomorrow morning at dawn for Indianapolis, Indiana. Why? I haven't seen the corn harvest in many years, and I thought it was about time to get back to my midwestern roots. Also, the CEDIA trade show is happening there over the weekend. I will be back in on Monday with a stack of notes on the goings on at this 800-lb gorilla of home theater trade shows. So various updates will happen next week. Stay tuned.more
Topics: CEDIA, Optoma H76

A Whole New Concept in Projector Design

We are still working on the review of the Studio Experience Premier 50HD. I was hoping to get it up by today, but it's not quite complete. It will be up after the holiday weekend.more

HT Questions and Answers

The recently updated article on aspect ratio formats, Your Biggest Decision: 4:3 or 16:9? prompted quite a bit of email. One of the most frequent questions was related to resolution--don't 16:9 projectors deliver higher resolution for HDTV and widescreen movies than 4:3 projectors? Click here for the answer; it may surprise you. Another question we get frequently--what is the ideal screen size and viewing distance? I just recently posted some thoughts on this issue that I hope will be helpful if you are planning your new home theater.more

Format Decisions

NEC has just announced performance upgrades to the LT240 and LT260. The new editions are dubbed the LT240K and LT260K respectively. The LT240K in particular will be of keen interest to home theater buyers budgeting in the mid-$2,000 range. Our review of the LT240K has just been posted.more

4:3 or 16:9 Theater?

We get a lot of email asking which is the best projector, A or B? Quite often one of them is native 4:3 and the other is 16:9. There is no way to answer the question "Which is best?" until the buyer decides if he or she wants to set up a 4:3 or 16:9 theater.more
Topics: NEC, NEC VT46, Optoma H76

News on the Epson TW100

The review of the new InFocus Screenplay 5700 has been posted. This is a terrific new offering from InFocus, and worthy of your close scrutiny if you are budgeting up to $5,000 for a projector. We have no word yet on when we will get a replacement of the Optoma H76 that was damaged in shipment. I will let you know on this page when we have information on this. We still plan to review it as soon as possible...I just don't know when that is at the moment.more

Epson Update

The review of the new InFocus Screenplay 5700 is coming along very well. However we are researching a few more items for it. So it will be posted in the next day or two. Overall it is an exciting machine, and it's a review you'll not want to miss.more

Optoma Review Delayed

Well. This is the problem with predicting when reviews will be posted. In the last update of this page I said the Optoma H76 review would be posted soon "barring unanticipated technical difficulties with the unit." We did receive the unit from Optoma as promised, but unfortunately it was damaged in shipment. I know this is a disappointment to you. It is discouraging for us too, as we are anxious to get a good look at what appears to be a very hot product. But the damage it sustained prevents us from being able to even power it up. So this review will be rescheduled as soon as we can sort this all out with Optoma.more

Giving LCOS Equal TIme

Due to TI's recent technology study we've given a lot of attention to LCD and DLP lately. Meanwhile LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon), an awesome technology in its own right, has been ignored somewhat. So to rectify that inequity, we've just posted a commentary on LCOS to put it into better perspective. Two great LCOS-based projector models, the JVC SX21 and the Dukane 9017, happen to be at the top of our Highly Recommended list for a very good reason. This article explains it all.more

All Evidence Indicates....

The Epson S1 review has just been posted (see review). Those with a mere $999 in their pockets wanting to get their first projector should check it out.more

Unfounded Rumors

We have just rewritten and updated The Great Technology War: LCD vs. DLP. This article reviews all of the advantages and limitations of both LCD and DLP technology so you can determine which is best for you. The industry moves so fast that this is the fourth major update of that article in the last two years. Also recently posted on the home page is our Special Report on Texas Instruments' lab test that compared LCD and DLP technologies for comparative longevity and stability. This represents our position on the subject, and hopefully will answer many of your questions about it.more

Longevity: LCD vs DLP

Hi folks, Just posted on the home page is our Special Report on Texas Instruments' lab test that compared LCD and DLP technologies for comparative longevity and stability. This represents our position on the subject, and hopefully will answer many of your questions about it.more
Topics: Epson S1, Optoma H76

Lighten up on Contrast Specs

I know everyone is waiting for the Optoma H76 review. Optoma had originally expected to have a unit to us by now. But (as is typical with many new products) they are making some last minute software/firmware changes before sending it along. So the bottom line is we don't have it yet. I will let you know when it gets here, and I'll give you an estimate for the posting date when I can realistically predict it.more

Industry Trade Shows

The industry has been busy with a couple of trade shows last week. Infocomm was held in Orlando, Florida, and the Home Entertainment Expo followed on its heels in San Francisco this past weekend. These shows always debut a variety of new products. Infocomm is generally more commercially oriented and more focused on projection and display technology. However a lot of home theater and consumer related products show up there as well. Optoma's H76 made its first appearance as we have discussed here earlier (see preview). The Home Entertainment Expo tends to focus primarily on audio systems and components. However consumers have been increasing...more

High End HT for Less

Optoma apparently thinks high-end home theater performance should be available for a lot less money. Their soon-to-be announced H76 is previewed here. This high resolution projector built around the phenomenal Mustang/HD2 DLP chip (1280x720) is expected to be released next week at a mere $5,999.more

Optoma Shaking Things Up

The back-to-back news from InFocus last week created a lot of email. The X1 price has dropped to a mere $999, and the Screenplay 4800 was announced at $1499. What's going on at InFocus? Read all about it.more

Projector Specs

If you are looking for a great little inexpensive DVD player that outputs DVI, then check out the V Bravo D1 review just posted yesterday. If you've got a projector with DVI input, this may be the least expensive way to get the best possible picture onto your screen.more

Home Theater Buyers Guide in Process

As many of you have noticed, the Buyer's Guide on this site is designed to orient the consumer to basic performance factors in projectors, such as lumen output, resolution, weight, and so on. For those buying for commercial or mobile use, this is often as much as they need.more

480p vs 480i

In the recent review of the JVC DLA-SX21U, I overlooked the fact that this projector is now also being marketed under the Dukane label as the Dukane 9017. Physically the Dukane edition is the identical unit selling for almost the same list price. However Dukane includes an industry-leading 5-year warranty with the product. If you purchase it under the JVC label you get three years. So you may want to check with Dukane dealers as well as JVC dealers concerning prices and availability. We have updated the review and the Highly Recommended list to include the Dukane 9017.more

Send us your HT Pics

The JVC SX21 review has been posted. We have added this great new product to our Highly Recommended list below. Also, in case you didn't notice, our first feature of a reader's home theater was just posted yesterday on the home page. If you have a wife or S.O. that wants your theater to disappear when not in use, check this one out.more
Topics: JVC DLA-SX21U