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Posts about upcoming product reviews and releases, tradeshows, new technology and advanced product features as well as our thoughts and observations on all things related to projectors.

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Archives for the year 2006:
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BenQ W10000 Review After the Holiday

We have posted reviews of the Epson Cinema 810 for home theater, and the Casio XJ-S35 mobile projector this week. We are continuing our review of the BenQ W10000, but it will not be done this month due to our upcoming holiday break. We hope to get it posted the first week of January. Thanks to all of our readers for a terrific 2006. Have a safe and happy holiday season, and we'll see you again right after the 1st! Keep in mind that the CES trade show will happen January 8-11, so check the site for all the latest news being announced at that show.

Lower Priced 1080p Projectors Causing Excitment

The arrival of the new lower-priced 1080p projectors has got everyone about as excited as they have ever been in the home theater projector industry. The focus is on four aggressively priced models in particular--the Mitsubishi HC5000, the Optoma HD81, the Panasonic AE1000, and the Sony VPL-VW50.more

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 400 Coming Up

The new 1080p models are beginning to appear on dealer shelves. We posted the review of the very hot Mitsubishi HC5000 yesterday afternoon, and this was the first of several 1080p models we will be looking at. Reviews to come in the 1080p category will include the Optoma HD81, the Panasonic AE1000, and the Sony VPL-VW50. Posting dates for these reviews are yet to be determined, but we will get them done on a priority basis.more

The Best Projector Mitsubishi Has Ever Made

I was planning to post two reviews this week. One of them went up yesterday, which was of the Boxlight Broadview. This little 4.4 lb projector packs a lot of light and widescreen resolution into a little box. It is the only 1280x768 projector currently on the market that is under five pounds, and as such it is the only game in town for mobile presenters who desire to present in widescreen format. We like this unit a lot, and wanted to give it a spotlight on the site.more

New Z5 Review Posted

We have just posted a new review of the terrific Sanyo PLV-Z5, and in a separate shootout article we compare the PLV-Z5 to the Panny AX100U. Both of these are beautiful projectors, but each is better than the other depending on the environment they are in. The Panny AX100 is the stronger product for ambient light situations, and the Sanyo Z5 is the better unit for dark theater use. The one that is right for you depends on how you intend to use your projector.more

Working Overtime To Provide Information

Due to being swamped in the aftermath of the CEDIA trade show, I've not updated this page in two weeks. However, as you've seen on the home page, the CEDIA show was full of exciting new developments in the world of home theater projectors. In case you missed our write-up on it, the CEDIA show review is here.more

Buying So Much for So Little

The CEDIA trade show exhibits open tomorrow and runs through Sunday in Denver, and a lot of new projectors will be unveiled. We will have a full overview of the show posted later next week. But here is a taste of what is coming .... Optoma aggressively takes 720p DLP below the $1,000 price point with the new entry level HD70. Our review of the HD70 is posted here.more

CEDIA in Denver Next Week

The biggest home theater trade show of the year is CEDIA, and it is happening next week in Denver, Sept 13-17. Things appear a bit quiet on the ProjectorCentral site at the moment, but make no mistake, it is the calm before the storm. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that we cannot discuss quite yet because official announcements have not been made. I appreciate your patience as we all await the formal product releases to be made next week.more
Topics: CEDIA, Optoma 7150

1080p is Now a Realistic Alternative

Every year around mid-August as the football season is getting into gear, we begin to see significant increases in sales of home theater projectors. Sports programming, and football in particular, has always been one of the big driving forces behind large screen video systems and the conversion to high definition systems.more

Blu-Ray Feedback

Yesterday we posted Bill's review of the Optoma EP1690, another of the new WXGA resolution DLP projectors. This one is smaller, lighter, and less fully featured than the Mitsubishi WD2000. The EP1690 doesn't put out as much light, but it is much less expensive. So for those who need portability or want to save some money, the EP1690 is a great alternative. Neither is particularly well suited to dedicated home theater use since they have 2x color wheels and they are built to favor light output over contrast. But they can certainly function well as video projectors as a secondary application.more

Bly-Ray Not Living Up Expectations

As anyone who has been online the last few days knows, there is a widely reported story that Samsung has announced the presence of a defect in their Blu-ray player, the BD-P1000. The word is that there is an error in a default setting in the player's noise reduction chip, and it is this error that produces the softness in the image that we and other observers have been commenting on. According to the story, Samsung will issue a firmware update to correct the problem, most likely in September.more

New Product Release Activity

There is quite a lot of new product release activity going on in the 1280x768 WXGA format. Overall, this is still a relatively rare format in the projector world with less than 20 models featuring it. But among the latest arrivals are the Mitsubishi WD2000U, the Optoma EP1690, and even the little 4.4 lb Boxlight Broadview, which is the first projector in this resolution to go under five pounds. We are spending a lot of review time with these units this week, and will get comments/reviews posted on them as soon as possible.more

Attending Blu-Ray Presentation

Many of you are closely watching developments in the face-off between HD-DVD and Blu-ray, the two competing high definition formats representing the future of disc-based digital video storage and playback. We have been experimenting with both formats since they were released, and have formulated some initial impressions, as follows:more

Panasonic PT-DW5000 Begins Shipping

Three new multipurpose widescreen projectors are hitting the market as of right about now. One is the Mitsubishi WD2000U, which commenced shipments last month. Another new model is the Sanyo PLV-75, which just started to ship this week. Finally, there is the big, muscular Panasonic PT-DW5000, which also just began to ship.more

A Multitude of Projectors Hitting the Market

Three new multipurpose widescreen projectors are hitting the market as of right about now. One is the Mitsubishi WD2000U, which commenced shipments last month. Another new model is the Sanyo PLV-75, which begins to ship next week. Finally, there is the big, muscular Panasonic PT-DW5000, which sees its first shipments this month.more

New Projector on Highly Recommended List

Just a quick update for you noticed if you saw the home page or subscribe to our email alerts, we posted the review of the Optoma HD7100 earlier this week. This is an impressive home theater projector in terms of image quality, with some lensing limitations that restrict how it can be installed for best results. But for the money, the image cannot be beat, and it has been added to our Highly Recommended list.more

Peak in Readership

Well, I was doing my best to get the Canon REALiS SX60 review posted by today, but it isn't in the cards. We've been working on it all week, and doing side-by-side comparisons with the Optoma EP910 and the Dell 5100MP (all three of which are 1400x1050 resolution projectors). This extends the review time, but gives us a better take on each unit's strengths and weaknesses. It will take a few more days to get this one wrapped up.more

Review Units in Various Stages

Last week Canon reported to us that the Canon SX60 was delayed until the second half of June, and I posted that info on this page. It turns out that was wrong. The SX6 is the model that was delayed. Dealers currently have the SX60 in stock, and we will review it soon. My apologies for the confusion. We have other units in various stages of review process now, including the Mitsubishi WD2000 that many have been asking about. If there is a model you'd like to see reviewed, don't hesitate to drop us a note at

DIY Screens

With high quality home theater projectors dropping below $2,000, and impressive entry level units going below $1,000, more people than ever are looking for less expensive alternatives for home theater screens. Many creative do-it-yourselfer's have come up with great ideas that save a lot of money. So we decided to create our own and see how well our DIY solution could compete with the Stewart Grayhawk RS. We spent less than $100, and less than a morning's labor putting it together from materials available at local stores. Click here for the story.more

Setting the Price-Performance Standard

We have just completed and posted two of the four SXGA+ reviews in the schedule. In our opinion, the Optoma EP910 is a remarkable accomplishment that sets a new price/performance standard in the SXGA+ category (see review). Meanwhile, the aggressively priced Dell 5100MP represents an exceptional value in being the first of the SXGA+ projectors to go under $3,000 (see updated review).more

SXGA Reviews to Appear Next Week

Many of you are anticipating the coming reviews of the SXGA+ resolution projectors. We are working hard on them and doing a lot of comparative side-by-side evaluations with different sources and types of materials. Included in the review group so far are the Dell 5100MP, the Optoma EP910, and the projectiondesign evo2sx+.more

Important Follow-up Observations

In the HD-DVD article posted on Friday, we noted some apparent incompatibilities between the Toshiba HD-A1 player and three Optoma models as well as the Viewsonic Cin1000 and the projectiondesign evo2sx+. We have two important follow-up observations. First, there is good news for owners of the Optoma HD72. When using this projector, the Toshiba HD-A1 will attempt to establish a connection, then report an "HDMI Error 0" on its status diplay. However, if at that point one clicks the PLAY button on the HD-A1's remote three times in quick succession it will override the error condition, and the HD72 is able to display the movie in digital high resolution with no further problem.more
Topics: Optoma HD72

Long Anticipated Release of HD-DVD

Well, it has been a wild week in the world of home theater with the long anticipated release of HD-DVD. We were able to snag one of the first HD-DVD players to be sold on Tuesday, April 18, and that tossed our entire schedule this week into a cocked hat. We did indeed finish and post the Viewsonic Cine1000 review as promised, but the review of the Optoma HD7100 has been delayed until we can sort out the compatibility problem with the Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player. It is likely that many users of the HD7100 will want to step up to HD-DVD, and we are waiting to hear from Optoma on this.more

Some Reviews Take Longer Than Others

We have just posted the long awaited review of the Infocus Play Big IN76. For a variety of reasons, reviews sometimes take longer than we anticipate, and this was one of them. Next up in the 720p resolution class will be the Optoma HD7100, and with any luck we'll get it posted next week. Also coming next week will be a review of the entry level Viewsonic Cine1000, for those on budgets under $1,000.more

Rainbow Artifacts

We've got quite a few reviews underway. Those closest to posting at the moment are the InFocus Play Big IN76 and the Optoma HD7100. However, the review of the SXGA+, high resolution 4:3 projectors is underway as well. If all the equipment arrives on schedule, this review will include the new Canon SX60, the Optoma EP910, the projectiondesign evo2sx+, as well as another look at the Dell 5100MP which has been on the market since last August.more

The Ideal Solution

Well, first off, thanks kindly to all of you that wrote in during this past week to express your thoughts on the 4:3 issue. The feedback was enormously helpful. Not only that, but it was overwhelmingly in favor of our researching and commenting more on native 4:3 options for home theater and digital photography. We certainly intend to do this.more

A Personal Affinity

If you read this site with any regularity, you may be aware that I have a personal affinity for large format 4:3 video presentation. That is due to my own particular interest in old classic films which were all produced in 4:3, or very close to 4:3, prior to the early 1950s. I enjoy viewing, say, Casablanca, on a very large 4:3 screen, just the way original audiences experienced it in commercial theaters back in 1942. And today's 16:9 home theater projectors are not designed to do this. On a 16:9 widescreen system, the classic films lose a lot of their dramatic potential when presented in the center of the screen with black side columns.more
Topics: NEC HT1100

A Beautiful Model

We have just posted a new review of the Samsung SP-H710AE. This is one of the units that Joe Kane helped to develop, and it definitely has his fingerprints on it. This is a beautiful model with a variety of features that will appeal to the videophile looking to allocate about $4,000 for a projector. It isn't for everyone--but then no projector is, which is why there are so many of them to choose from.more

Optoma HD 72 a Model of Performance

Normally when we complete a review we pack up the projector and return it to the manufacturer. However, on occasion we find models that we wish to retain and use as reference models against which to compare the performance of other units. After having posted the review of the Optoma HD72 we quickly realized we did not want to return it quite yet. The image quality of the HD72 is truly outstanding for $2,000. We have now moved on to two more interesting models. One is the Samsung SP-H710AE. This is one of the units that Joe Kane helped to develop, and it is quite a fascinating projector.more

Optoma HD72 Review Anxiously Awaited

We have just received three more newly released projectors. As of this writing we are just now getting them lit up for the first time. Among the models that have just arrived is the Optoma HD72, which has already created a lot of market interest. This 1280x768 resolution DLP unit is rated up to 5000:1 contrast, and sells for very aggressive street prices (contact Optoma dealers for details). Many regular readers are understandably anxious to see this particular review, and we hope to have it posted by no later than next week.
Topics: Optoma HD72

Low Cost Unit Reviews To Post Next Week

We've posted two new reviews in the last week, one of the beautiful BenQ PE8720 home theater projector, and the other of the XGA, 4:3 format Mitsubishi XD460U. While the Mitsubishi XD460 is not a home theater projector, it delivers great video and can be used as a multi-purpose data and video projector, subject to the limitations noted in the review. Personally, I really like the video performance on this projector despite its commercial market orientation.more

2006 Will be a Huge Year for HT Projectors

All of the news for this update is in the review of the Consumer Electronics Show that just wrapped up a few days ago in Las Vegas. Read through the review for the latest news in home theater projectors. As you will see, 2006 is going to be a huge year. Many of the products have only partial specs available, and some do not have prices or delivery dates. We will add this data to the database as it becomes available.

Six Model Shootout

We are getting back into gear after the holiday break. The first posting for the new year is Bill's six-model shootout of very low cost SVGA projectors. I must say, I am amazed at what these things can deliver for only $700. We are getting to the point where the lamp is half the cost of the projector.more
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