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Posts about upcoming product reviews and releases, tradeshows, new technology and advanced product features as well as our thoughts and observations on all things related to projectors.

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Archives for the year 2012:
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Reviews under way...

Though December review postings have been quieter than normal, we've got a lot of work in the mill...more

Viewsonic Pro9000 review posted

It took longer than we anticipated, but the review of the Viewsonic Pro9000 has just been posted...more

Epson 5020 review; HT review schedule update

The Epson 5020e is the latest review posted. Here is the outlook for upcoming reviews...more

Epson 3020e review posted, HT review schedule

Our review of Epson's latest low-cost home video projector, the 3020, has been posted...more

HT Projector reviews -- update 10/12

Plans have changed for the posting of the ViewSonic Pro9000 review...more

HT Projector review status

The Mitsubishi HC8000 review was just posted this week, and the ViewSonic Pro9000 is coming soon...more

Mitsubishi to announce HC7900DW; Panasonic AE8000 review posted

Mitsubishi will be unveiling two new home theater models at CEDIA this week...more

Panasonic AE8000 released; Epson to unveil new HT line-up

Panasonic has announced the new PT-AE8000 home theater projector, and Epson is about to release its new home theater line…more

Is 3D Sinking or Swimming?

We've just completed the run of the most recent 3D Reader Survey, and the results are in...more
Topics: 3D, Home Theater

Home Video and 3D Survey

You might notice that a new category of projectors has just been added to ProjectorCentral, as well as a new 3D Survey...more

Home Projectors vs. Home Theater Projectors

What is the difference between a projector for the home, and a home theater projector, and what should we call them?more

Panasonic goes Lamp-free

Today at the Infocomm trade show in Las Vegas Panasonic unveiled four new conference/installation projectors featuring a lamp-free LED/Laser Diode light source with an estimated life of 20,000 hours. These single-chip DLP projectors are the industry’s first 24/7 duty cycle projectors to feature lamp-free design.more

Volfoni SmartCrystal Pro 3D Polarizer

For years now, some of our readers have been asking about polarized 3D. Finally, we have something to tell them.more

Reviews and Passive 3D

Ricoh is not a name you often associate with projectors, but they've actually made an extremely fine short throw model with a unique optical system that delivers exceptional uniformity.more

Coming projector reviews

We are entering the time of year when things get hotter in the commercial projector lines, and not as volatile in home theater products...more

Sony VPL-VW95ES review

The review of Sony's elegant VPL-VW95ES, priced at $5,999, is now posted...more

Latest Projector Reviews

Two very hot short throw interactive projectors, and the Sony VPL-VW95ES...more

Casio's LED/Laser hybrid looking good

Two new reviews posted today, the Casio XJ-H1750 with its unique LED/Laser light engine, and the dynamic little PK320 pico projector from Optoma...more

Editor's Choice Awards

On occasion we give Editor's Choice Awards to projectors that are exceptional performers or terrific values in today's market...more

Upcoming home theater reviews

This time of year is normally quiet in the home theater side of the business, but we've got two more 1080p 3D models on the near term schedule...more

Acer H9500BD review posted

After looking at a second test unit and comparing them to the Optoma HD33, we've just posted the review of the Acer H9500BD...more

BenQ W7000 review posted

BenQ's latest flagship home theater projector, the W7000, has a lot going for it...more

Acer H9500 review status; Epson 8350 for Gaming

We posted the lag times for several gaming/home theater projectors last week and the Epson Home Cinema 8350 was not among them because we didn't have a unit in house at the time...more

Gaming tests and upcoming reviews

Which projectors are the fastest for gaming? You've been asking, and we've got some answers...more

Overview of 1080p models coming

Now that most of the 1080p models from the fall season have been released, you've been asking for a round-up to put it all together...more

HT Projector Review Update 1/2

Apparently we've been very good this year. While we were out, it looks like Santa brought the JVC DLA-X30more