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Posts with topic Epson TW100:

Transitional Period for Projection Value

Some of you have noticed that the Epson TW100 has been removed from the current list of Highly Recommended Home Theater Projectors. Why, you ask?more

News on the Epson TW100

The review of the new InFocus Screenplay 5700 has been posted. This is a terrific new offering from InFocus, and worthy of your close scrutiny if you are budgeting up to $5,000 for a projector. We have no word yet on when we will get a replacement of the Optoma H76 that was damaged in shipment. I will let you know on this page when we have information on this. We still plan to review it as soon as possible...I just don't know when that is at the moment.more

Epson Update

The review of the new InFocus Screenplay 5700 is coming along very well. However we are researching a few more items for it. So it will be posted in the next day or two. Overall it is an exciting machine, and it's a review you'll not want to miss.more

All Evidence Indicates....

The Epson S1 review has just been posted (see review). Those with a mere $999 in their pockets wanting to get their first projector should check it out.more

Unfounded Rumors

We have just rewritten and updated The Great Technology War: LCD vs. DLP. This article reviews all of the advantages and limitations of both LCD and DLP technology so you can determine which is best for you. The industry moves so fast that this is the fourth major update of that article in the last two years. Also recently posted on the home page is our Special Report on Texas Instruments' lab test that compared LCD and DLP technologies for comparative longevity and stability. This represents our position on the subject, and hopefully will answer many of your questions about it.more