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Monday, March 26

Hi folks,

Epson has just announced their latest home theater projector, the PowerLite Home Cinema 1080, for a retail price of just $2,999. This is the first projector in the 1080p resolution class to go below $3,000. (See press release) It has impressive specifications including up to 12,000:1 contrast, and so far it is looking as impressive in the lab as it does on paper.

We currently have the Home Cinema 1080 and the Pro Cinema 1080 in house, and these will be the next home theater reviews to post. We will shoot for this Friday, but my guess is early next week. We were about to post the Pro 1080 review when we got word that Epson was accelerating the release date of the Home version to today. The Pro 1080 review has been delayed a bit so we can prepare an analysis of the relative benefits of both models.

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Evan Powell