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Friday, April 6

Hi folks,

We were finally able to get the overview of the HD disc players posted today. It took a bit longer than anticipated due to the confusion over the 1080p/24 issue. Basically, contrary to all expectations, we saw no improvement in picture stability when transmitting 1080p/24 as compared to 1080p/60 or 1080i. We were trying to discover the reason for this, and as of yet we have not determined the root of the problem.

Based on feedback in the comments email box, we understand that some readers were upset at the delay in the posting of this article. I know nobody likes excuses, but we were hoping to come up with a definitive explanation as to why the 1080p/24 performance results were not as expected. As of yet, we do not know, and do not wish to point any fingers in speculation. There are several possible explanations, and we will continue to explore it. When we know something of substance concerning the weaker than expected performance of 1080p/24 transmission, we will post our findings.

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Evan Powell