Projector News

December 30, 2004

Hi folks,

It is hard to believe I am writing the last Projector News update for the year 2004. We hope you are enjoying the holidays, and wish you a happy and safe New Year's celebration tomorrow night.

Two issues need to be brought to your attention. As you may recall, in the review of the BenQ PB6100 and PB6200 last March, we indicated that these units had 3x speed color wheels, rather than the standard 2x we find on all other commercially-oriented DLP products. We cited this as an advantage for those who are sensitive to rainbow artifacts, as faster wheel speed tends to reduce the color separation phenomenon. The information provided in the review was based upon specifications given to us by BenQ personnel. Subsequently, in preparing the review of the PE5120, we were informed that the wheel speed on that unit was 2x. In trying to understand why a slower wheel had been used, BenQ product management realized that erroneous information had been provided to us on the earlier products.

We changed all of the specifications and updated the reviews on December 8, which is the day we were informed of this error. The original text has been left to stand as it was, and the correction is inserted as an addition to the review in bold text. However, we asked BenQ to research how this erroneous information had come to be released, and subsequently asked for a statement. BenQ's official statement, which we received today, is as follows:

"In the review of BenQ's PB6100/6200 home theater projectors, a specification regarding the speed of the projector's color wheel was listed as 3x rotation when the actual speed is 2x.

"The information provided to ProjectorCentral by BenQ was incorrect and BenQ quickly and proactively clarified the issue with Projector Central when the error was discovered.

"The error was unintentional and the 3x information has never appeared in any BenQ marketing materials, such as our website or sales collateral. BenQ sincerely apologizes for this misunderstanding and we will diligently work to ensure that such situations do not occur again.

"If you have any further questions regarding this issue, please contact our Customer Service Dept. at 866-500-2367."

[signed]--BenQ America Corp.

As noted above, all of the database specifications on ProjectorCentral that indicated 3x wheels on BenQ's commercial products have been changed to 2x, and all reviews which cited this spec have been appended in bold text.

We at ProjectorCentral work hard to provide accurate and unbiased information to the best of our ability. In this instance an error was made, and we apologize for the confusion.

Due to the extremely low price at which these models sell we still feel they represent exceptional values. However, buyers should not select the PB6100 or PB6200 over competing units with 2x wheels based on the expectation that they will create less rainbow artifacts for those who are sensitive to them. For further questions on this issue, please contact BenQ Customer Service at the number they have provided.

On another issue, next week is the huge Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Though most new home theater models have begun to appear at the annual CEDIA show in September, CES can also be a show at which new products are debuted. This year the exhibit halls are open January 6-9. We are attending the show and will post a show review as soon as we can the week of January 10.

Happy New Year to you all, and thanks for using ProjectorCentral,

Evan Powell