Sanyo XTC50L XGA 3LCD Projector
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$7,495 MSRP Discontinued

Sanyo is now shipping the PLC-XTC50L, an all new XGA-resolution 5000-lumen LCD installation projector. With some unique features that reduce maintenance costs, it makes products of its type more user friendly than ever before. At 32 lbs, it is somewhat larger and heavier than many other 5000-lumen products on the market. However, several advantages accrue from its size. First, it is remarkably quiet for a 5000-lumen light cannon. But perhaps more importantly, the larger form factor houses a robust light engine with a unique dual-lamp design that offers flexibility and ensures continued seamless operation.

Sanyo PLC-XTC50L Specifications

ANSI lumens: 5000

Contrast (full on/off): 1,100:1

Light Engine: XGA, native 4:3, 1" 3LCD with dual 330W lamps.

Computer Compatibility: UXGA / WXGA / SXGA / SXGA+ / XGA / SVGA / VGA / MAC

Video Compatibility: 1080p/60/50, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i.

Connection panel. Video signals: One DVI-D digital input, one VGA analog with VGA monitor loop-through, one set of 5 BNCs, one composite video, one S-video. Audio signals: the VGA and BNC ports both have an audio input, whereas the DVI port does not. The composite and S-video jacks share a single audio input. Other connections: one USB, one R/C jack, one control port.

Lens and Throw Distance: Varies based on optional lenses.

Lamp Life: 2,000 hours per lamp (3,000 hours in eco-mode, up to 6000 hours actual run time between lamp changes)

Audio: Two speakers, 3W x 3W

Replacement lamp price: $600 retail.

Warranty: Three years, lamp 90 days.

Key Features

Dual-lamp system. In the past Sanyo has built dual or quad lamp projectors on which you could select to burn one, two or four lamps simultaneously, thereby boosting or curtailing light output. The XTC50L has a different concept. It will burn only one lamp at a time, and each one puts out up to 5000 lumens. But you can choose how the lamps are to be used. One option is to burn one lamp until it has used its full life. At that point it will automatically switch to the other lamp and burn it continuously.

The other option is to burn the lamps in an alternating fashion, say 10 hours on one, then 10 hours on the other. This way the average lamp consumption is drawn out and lumen output degrades more slowly. Both lamps are used up at half the speed they otherwise would in a single lamp design. Either way, the dual lamp system will provide for a cut-over to the other lamp if the lamp in use expires. The primary advantage to this system is that you need to change lamps only half as often. The XTC50L can run up to 6000 hours without a lamp change. So it cuts maintenance time in half. This can amount to a lot of savings, especially if the unit is deployed in a 24/7 operation.

Active Maintenance Filter. The XTC50L can detect that a filter is blocked or clogged and needs to be replaced. When this happens it automatically scrolls another section of a rolling filter reel across the intake vents. Again, the big benefit here is much reduced maintenance. Since lamp replacement and filter maintenance are the two most common reasons to take a trip up the ladder, the projector is designed to significantly reduce the hands-on activity required to keep the projector running.

Brightness. This is a very bright unit. We measured actual lumen output at 4730 lumens, or very close to its 5000 lumen rating. In addition, brightness uniformity was about as close to perfect as we ever see-brightness varied less than 5% across the screen.

Lens shift: The XTC50L has powered vertical and horizontal lens shift, but the range is not extensive. With the standard lens, vertical shift has a range of about ½ picture height, and you can move the image horizontally over a range of about 1/3 the picture width. This is a nice feature that allows for easy centering of the image on the screen, but it does not allow for the unit to be placed too far from the center perpendicular. Lens shift range will vary based on the lens you select.


There is no PC-less or wireless presentation capability. There are no detachable input panels on this model as there are on other fixed installation Sanyo models. With just one digital port and two analog computer ports, connectivity is not extensive. However, it is likely sufficient for most intended uses. Onboard audio is adequate for a normal conference room, but we'd expect this unit to be installed in larger environments in which the two 3-watt speakers would be inadequate. Network control is optional, but not included with the base unit.

At 32 lbs, the XTC50L is heavier and bulkier than many other 5000 lumen products on the market. However, with the size you get the advantages of the dual-lamp design, as well as remarkably quiet operation for a projector in this class. Fan noise is low pitched, and substantially baffled by the larger casework, as compared to smaller units that produce similar light output.

Overall Assessment

If you want a bright XGA presentation projector that you can install and pretty much forget about, the PLC-XTC50L was designed with you in mind. It delivers a brilliant, high contrast image with rich color saturation. The white casework is sleek, clean, and contemporary in design, and an attractive addition to a conference room, auditorium, or industrial space.

Considering its long throw lens option, the seamless continued operation in the event of a lamp failure, and its relatively quiet fan noise, it would be an ideal selection for use in houses of worship. But it is versatile enough to fit into a variety of application arenas. An interesting and unique product, the Sanyo PLC-XTC50L is highly recommended.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our Sanyo PLC-XTC50L projector page.

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Edward Wallace Posted Feb 16, 2009 2:17 PM PST
I love the design of this projector, too bad it isnt designed for home theatre use. You would think a projector costing this much would have (1920x1080)as opposed to (1600x1200).
lungjian Posted Mar 1, 2009 9:05 AM PST
It's not 1600x1200. That's the max input resolution. The native input is 1024x768. But this projector isn't designed for home theater. It's for NOCs, churches, digital signage, auditoriums, and rental/staging, where the lower cost XGA resolution performs adequately.

If you want a bright 1080p home theater projector, check out the Optoma TX1080. Native 1080p at 3600 lumens, plus it only weighs about 13 lbs.
laura Posted Jul 26, 2010 7:22 AM PST
Me gusta este proyector, quiero comprar uno para la Iglesia donde colaboro. Donde puedo comprarlo?, solo se compra por Internet o también en frontera?

Google Translation: I like this projector , I would buy one for the church where I collaborate. Where I can buy it, only buy online or also at the border ?
Emmanuel Posted Dec 3, 2011 2:56 AM PST
I am looking for a 5000 and above lumens wireless projectors. Can I get help?
Jose Posted Jan 26, 2012 3:44 PM PST
How big of an image does this unit project?

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