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Scott Wilkinson

Location California
  • Optimizing Your Projector for HDR

    With the help of calibration experts David Abrams, Kris Deering, and Kevin Miller, Scott Wilkinson takes a look at how to get the best HDR picture out of your projector.

  • HDR From A to Z

    In this comprehensive Tech Talk, Scott Wilkinson explains what High Dynamic Range is, how it works, and the challenges of reproducing it with a projector.

  • LCD, LCoS, or DLP: Choosing a Projector Imaging Technology

    Trying to decide among LCD, LCoS, and DLP projection? Our deep dive into projection tech will help you make the right choice for your application and needs.

  • Screen Magic: How UST Screens Let You See the Light

    Ultra-short throw projectors are all the rage these days, and with a special UST screen, they can take the place of a gigantic flat-panel TV in any living room.