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Sharp XR-20X Projector Sharp XR-20X
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
2300 Lumens
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A Conference Room Projector Unlike Any Other

David Colin, February 1, 2006
Picture Modes
The XR-20X offers 5 picture modes that are optimized for the type of content you will be viewing:
  • Presentation - uses a color temperature of 7500K and the highest Bright Boost setting. It is best suited for presentations that are mostly text and data and light on color relevant content.
  • Standard - uses a color temperature of 7500K with a slight boost in brightness. This is essential the same as Presentation Mode, but at a lower brightness with more saturated colors. We found it useful when the presentation is dealing with a lot of graphics or color images. If you view video in this mode, you'll find the depth of color is diminished, but the content is still very good.
  • Movie - uses the standard 6500K color temperature to deliver a quality image while operating the lamp in economy mode. This has several advantages. First, it reduces the light output about 15%, which quiets the fan because the lamp is running cooler making the movie experience more enjoyable. Second, economy mode extends the life of the lamp by up to 50%. If you compared the XR-20X to a dedicated home theater projector, you'd notice that the home theater projector rendered better gray scale allowing a richer and more life like image. If you compared the XR-20X to a 2x DLP projector, you'd notice the XR-20X delivered a more vibrant image with better flesh tones and color accuracy.
  • Game - uses the same setup as Presentation. We would recommend using either Standard or Movie mode for games as they both deliver a more satisfying color image.
  • sRGB - this setting is a fixed international standard for rendering color from RGB sources. Color controls are disabled in this mode.
Each Picture Mode is pre-configured to best serve the intended application; however, you are free to change the defaults. Six color temperatures are available from 5500K to 10500K giving you ample opportunity to find the one that is the most pleasing for the content you are presenting and the room conditions you are dealing with. Low color temperatures produce better flesh tones and we recommend them for Movie and Game settings. High color temperatures produce a brighter image and are suitable for presentations and help you maintain image readability when there is room light present. We found the Standard picture mode was a good all purpose setting for a room with relatively low ambient light.

If you are concerned about unauthorized projector use, you can set a keycode that must be entered before the unit can be operated. This is also a minor theft deterrent, provided the thief knows it is password protected. The XR-20X also supports a Kensington lock that allows you to attach an anti-theft cable that can secure the projector to the Sharp ceiling mount or some other object.

Although the unit has a 2W speaker, if you are doing any serious video presentations, you'll want to use the stereo mini-jack output to drive a more robust audio solution.

Mouse Control
There is no mouse control included with the projector; however, Sharp offers an I/R receiver (model AN-MR2) that plugs into your computer and allows the remote control to sequence a slide presentation. This option is available for $99.

Digital Interface
In order to keep the XR-20X price competitive, Sharp chose not to include any digital inputs. This is perhaps the one thing we would liked to have seen on this projector with the emerging popularity of digital connectivity. Since analog will be with us for a long time, the lack of a digital connection will not limit the utility of the XR-20X.

Sharp offers a 3 year parts and labor warranty that provides 24 hour express repair and prepaid freight both ways.

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