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Sharp XR-20X Projector Sharp XR-20X
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
2300 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

A Conference Room Projector Unlike Any Other

David Colin, February 1, 2006

We buy projectors to put images on the wall, so image quality is our number one concern. A classroom/conference room setting is perhaps the most demanding of image quality because of the wide variety of material that is likely to be shown and the need for some room light to conduct meetings. To that end, the XR-20X with its 3x color wheel delivers better data and video than you can find on any 2x projector.

The ability to change color temperature and control light output with Bright Boost gives you the ability to optimize your content viewing for the room conditions. Sharp has also given special attention to improving reds that are frequently lacking in color wheel systems.

Projectors are designed to meet the needs of targeted markets. For the Sharp XR-20X the target markets were classrooms and conference rooms. As a price sensitive market, education is sometimes forced to trade functionality for price. Perhaps Sharp had this in mind when it decided not to include a DVI or HDMI digital connection.

However, Sharp did two things very well with the XR-20X. First, it raised the bar for business/classroom DLP projectors by moving to a 3x color wheel. This change significantly minimizes the "rainbow effect" that some users experience and makes a noticeable improvement in image quality when compared to other 2x projectors.

Second, with XGA resolution, high brightness, and a 3x color wheel, a street price of $1350 makes it a significant value. While you can find a less expensive XGA projector, you will be pressed to find one with comparable performance at this price.

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