Smarter Surfaces, a Dublin-based firm founded in 2012 to supply state-of-the-art whiteboard paint to the business and education markets, has announced its new Projection Screen Paint Range to facilitate a wide range of paint-on screen applications.

SmarterSurfaces HighContKit 800
The Smarter Surfaces Projection Screen Paint Range offers a variety of surfaces for different applications including white and contrast-enhancing gray and black paints.

The company's full line-up includes paint formulations designed to extract best image performance in everything from dark rooms to high ambient light applications. Among these is a family of paints targeted at Home Cinema/Gaming applications that includes Smart High Contrast gray, Smart Ultra High Contrast gray, Smart Black (for maximum black enhancement), and Smart Ambient Light Rejecting formulations. An unusual Smart Clear paint is also offered to enhance image quality on a pre-painted surface when you need to preserve the original wall color, and there's a Smart Outdoor paint in the company's Event & Outdoor line for projecting on buildings and other outdoor surfaces.

Traditional white screen paint offerings are also offered, targeted primarily for conference room and classroom applications, and include paints optimized for standard-throw, short-throw, and both interactive and non-interactive whiteboard projectors.

Smarter Surfaces officials say the company approaches R&D with the goal of matching and improving on the performance of traditional screens, which resulted in development of a new layering paint system. This is said to ensure an ultra-smooth finish that optimizes pixel clarity/sharpness and uniform brightness. Smarter Surfaces says on its website that the new range was developed for use and tested with popular projector brands including BenQ, Sony, Panasonic, LG, and Optoma. The paints have been independently certified by CREST (Centre for Research in Engineering Surface Technology) with an approved Surface Finish Quality Standard of EU Level Q4/US Level 5.

Smarter Surfaces sells direct to customers via its international website servicing most European countries, the U.S., Canada and Australia. You can learn more about the Smarter Surfaces paint line at their website or download the Projection Screen Range comparison chart.

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Edward Posted May 4, 2023 12:06 PM PST
Which of these is most suitable for a 100 inch *CURVED* ambient light, wall?
Rob Sabin, Editor Posted May 5, 2023 7:43 AM PST
Edward, I would communicate directly with the company for their recommendation.

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