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Studio Experience Premier 50HD

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Studio Exp. Premier 50HD Projector Studio Exp. Premier 50HD
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1700:1 Contrast Ratio
1000 Lumens
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Boxlight Corporation of Poulsbo, Washington is a unique company in the projector industry. It is dedicated entirely to the projector business, but its product line consists largely of private label editions of projectors manufactured by other makers. Over the years it has built a huge business and an excellent reputation based on customer service and favorable consumer-friendly policies pertaining to sales, returns, exchanges, and upgrades. Studio Experience is the home theater division of Boxlight.

The Premier 50HD is noteworthy as the first of the StudioExperience models to be designed and commissioned by the company. As such it is a unique offering that is not being sold under any other major brand label in the United States.

Product Overview

The Premier 50HD is a native 16:9 widescreen format home theater projector rated at 1000 ANSI lumens and 1700:1 contrast. It uses the high resolution 1280x720 Mustang HD2 DLP chip from Texas Instruments, along with a 6 segment, 5x speed color wheel. It is a compact, easy to install 11 lb. machine that comes in a dark charcoal gray finish.

Keystone correction: The product literature highlights the 50HD's "eWarp ™" digital keystone correction capability, which is +/- 15 degrees vertical and +/- 40 degrees horizontal. For those who need to set the projector at an angle to the screen, the 50HD gives you much more flexibility than most projectors out there.

Connection panel: The panel is on the rear of the unit and features one 15-pin VGA, one DVI-D with HDCP, two sets of component inputs consisting of 5 RCA jacks each, one S-video, one RCA composite, and an RS-232. There is also one 12-volt trigger. There are no audio connections and no onboard speakers, as this projector is not meant to be used in applications that would call for them.

Color Temperature: The 50HD comes with preprogrammed settings for 5500, 6500, and 9300 degrees. 6500 is ideal for natural display of NTSC color video, and 5500 is ideal for the display of classic black and white films. Switching the color temperature is easily accomplished via a button on the remote. This is an extremely handy feature that we wish other home theater projector makers would get on board with. For those of us who want to see Citizen Kane or The Maltese Falcon as they originally appeared in commercial theaters, the 5500 color temperature option is mandatory. It warms the black and white image compared to the neutral gray you get at 6500 degrees.

Lens: The manual 1.25x zoom and focus lens is moderate in range. A 100" diagonal 16:9 image is achieved from a throw distance range of about 11.5 to 14 feet.

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