Projector technology continues to advance and prices continue to drop. And while home theater projectors get most of the attention, the latest advancements in low-cost business projection go relatively unnoticed. As unbelievable as it may sound, the latest crop of $700 SVGA projectors produce startling results. To illustrate the advancements in this price bracket, we've done a shootout of several recent models - namely the Epson Powerlite S3, the Optoma EP716, the BenQ MP610, the Mitsubishi SD110U, the Microtek MS-4, and the popular InFocus X2. Each of these projectors offers exceptional value, and has something unique to bring to the conference table.


Page one: The BenQ MP610

Page two: The EPSON PowerLite S3

Page three: The InFocus X2

Page four: The Microtek MS4

Page five: The Mitsubishi SD110U

Page six: The Optoma EP716

As with home theater projectors, there is no "best" or "correct" projector for every user. Which projector is right for you depends on many factors, not least among them your intended use of the projector. If you intend to show digital photography, pick a projector with good color and contrast, like the Microtek MS4. If you have to move quickly but want an outstanding data picture, look into the Epson Powerlite S3. The Optoma EP716 is perfect if you need the smallest, lightest package available but still want a great picture. The BenQ MP610's excellent color and video performance may be ideal for your situation. The Mitsubishi SD110U's great black level can provide great performance for display of photography or complex graphics. Maybe you want the dependability of the InFocus X2. Whichever way you go, there are some excellent new projectors out on the market that deliver amazing performance for the money compared to products just one year ago. One of them may be the ideal fit your needs.