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Design With DLP® Products

Powerful, flexible chipsets provide customers high speed and precise control of millions of mirrors with pixel data rates up to 60 Gbps.

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Design Ultra-portable 1080p Displays Thanks to the Industry's Smallest Full HD Microdisplay

With 5G networks, streaming high-resolution content to mobile devices will become more prevalent. Consumers want larger displays to view and share high-definition (HD) content. Using projection is a great way to achieve large screen sizes from a small device.

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Creating a Stunning Smart Display Experience With DLP® Pico™ Technology

DLP technology can help designers create compact smart displays with bright, crisp, 1080p images by enabling projected images rather than housing a screen in the speaker itself.

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How To Display Video & Control Light Using TI DLP® Technology

DLP technology can be used to create amazing cinematic experiences as well as captivating projections from mobile devices. With products from WXGA all the way to vivid 4K UHD, DLP display chipsets deliver bright, crisp images.

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The Benefits of Choosing DLP® Technology over 3LCD

In a broad range of applications, DLP Products consistently deliver a superior image display, operate reliably across the automotive temperature range and deliver unmatched performance across the entire spectrum of light when compared to 3LCD chipsets.

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DLP Projector Reviews

Popular DLP Projectors

Optoma ZU720T
  • Resolution: 1920x1200 DLP
  • Brightness: 7500 ANSI Lumens
  • Light Source: Laser
Sep 2020 Model
Optoma EH412ST
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 DLP
  • Brightness: 4000 ANSI Lumens
  • Light Source: Bulb
Jul 2019 Model
BenQ MW632ST
  • Resolution: 1280x800 DLP
  • Brightness: 3200 ANSI Lumens
  • Light Source: Bulb
Jul 2015 Model
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 DLP
  • Brightness: 600 ANSI Lumens
  • Light Source: LED
Jun 2018 Model
Optoma EH412
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 DLP
  • Brightness: 4500 ANSI Lumens
  • Light Source: Bulb
Jul 2019 Model
Optoma ZH406ST
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 DLP
  • Brightness: 4200 ANSI Lumens
  • Light Source: Laser
Oct 2019 Model
Optoma EH460ST
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 DLP
  • Brightness: 4200 ANSI Lumens
  • Light Source: Bulb
Dec 2017 Model
LG ProBeam BU50NST
  • Resolution: 3840x2160 DLP
  • Brightness: 5000 ANSI Lumens
  • Light Source: Laser
Jun 2020 Model