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Toshiba TLP-S10 and TLP-S41
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Another SVGA projector breaks the $1000 price barrier. A document camera becomes a strong differentiator.

The Toshiba TLP-S10U joins the growing ranks of SVGA projectors with a street price of $999. The 3-LCD SVGA S10 projector weighs in at 4.8 pounds and is targeted at the budget minded mobile presenter or educator.

The Toshiba TLP-S41U is closely related to the TLP-S10U with a street price of $1,799. The beauty of this stylish and cleverly designed projector is a document camera that allows you to project small objects, photographs, and printed material.

Toshiba TLP-S10U Basics

The S10 projector uses three 0.5-inch polysilicon TFT LCDs with micro lens array (MLA) technology. With MLA, a tiny lens is placed in front of each pixel to increase light throughput for a brighter image. Housed in an attractive silver-colored case this unit measures 11.9 x 8.1 x 3.3 inches and features 1200 ANSI lumens with 400:1 contrast. Image size ranges from 40 to 300 inches with a throw distance of 5 to 38 feet.

Toshiba TLP-S10U

The unit comes with a remote control, power cord, RGB cable, 2 types of audio cables, video cable, CD-ROM, Owners Manual and a Quick Reference guide. No S-video cable or carrying case is provided. A soft case is available from the manufacturer for $195.

The S10 projector does not have a zoom lens which means you must move the projector in order to adjust the image size. A zoom lens allows you to resize the image from a fixed position making it easier to setup the projector when you travel to different locations.

The S10 projector offers a manual keystone correction (+/- 15 degrees) to allow you to square up an image when your projector and screen do not line up properly, a 10X Digital Zoom and Pan that let's you zoom in on any presented material, and a monitor output port that allows presentation to be viewed on a monitor as well as on the projection screen.

As an SVGA (800 x 600) projector, the S10 competes with half a dozen projectors in the sub $1,000 SVGA category. SVGA is the lowest resolution currently offered for data projectors and its principal benefit is lower cost. If you need a projector for mobile presentations and some video, this may be the projector for you. However, if you are presenting a lot of text and data and you want higher quality video, a higher resolution projector may better fit your needs. But know your needs, because even a lower-end XGA (1024 x768) projector in a similar form factor can double your cost.

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S41U Basics
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