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ViewSonic PLED-W200 Projector ViewSonic PLED-W200
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
250 Lumens
PC 3D Ready
Street Price: n/a
$539 MSRP

ViewSonic PLED W200:
A Robust Pocket Projector

Allan Abbott, October 4, 2012

The line between a mini-projector and a pico-projector is already blurry, and ViewSonic's PLED-W200 makes it fuzzier. Most mini-projectors weigh more than a pound and have rated outputs of over 200 lumens. The PLED-W200 weighs less than a pound and puts up 250 lumens. Few pico projectors offer the PLED-W200's 1280x800 (WXGA) native resolution, but many of them also support for SD cards. So, the PLED-W200 is an intriguing mix of both pico- and mini- characteristics, but we'll take ViewSonic's lead and call it a pico projector.

The PLED-W200 is a great personal projector. It works well in hotel rooms for movie viewing with something larger than a TV image, and it covers quick hallway meetings where a small, bright image will suffice. It even sports dual 2-watt speakers which is unusual for a projector whose footprint is only 5"x5". At a street price of $555, the PLED-W200 is shipped with an individual carrying case and a slightly larger zippered pouch for holding the projector and its accessories.

The PLED-W200's custom input connector accepts a supplied snap-in cable adapter. The 3-foot VGA cable has a male connector, so you either have to plug it directly into your computer or use a male-to-female VGA cable, not the more common male-to-male, to extend the run. In either case, you have to be careful that the weight of the cables does not tilt the projector, and it is easy to accidentally bump the projector when moving near it or a computer connected to it. You may also need to tweak image settings to get the quality you want because none of the presets hit the mark. Still, even with those precautions, this is a nice step up from traditional pico projectors.

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Dr.Habes Posted Oct 4, 2015 2:38 PM PST
I have View Sonic PLED_-W200 Pocket Projector , but from three months, the Projector has been increasing its temperature during 3-5 minutes after switching on and shut down and sometimes shows a message (the files are corrupted)....please advice me to resolve this problem.

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