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NEC's Wireless MT1065

NEC MT1065 Projector NEC MT1065
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800:1 Contrast Ratio
3200 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

Hang on to your lens cap. We're taking a different review approach on this wireless (Wi-Fi) unit. This time we'll give you added in-depth coverage of features and provide some information on related NEC projectors that are configured to meet different needs and budgets.

Basic Features of the MT1065

Packaged in a silver gray enclosure, this 13 pound projector is rated at 800:1 contrast and utilizes 3 LCDs equipped with micro lenses to increase light output. At 3,200 ANSI lumens the projector achieves high brightness with a relatively low wattage lamp.

The lamp has an economy mode that can reduce the ANSI lumen output to 2,600, thereby extending the lamp life 50% to (2000 hours to 3000 hours), significantly reducing fan noise from 39 dB to 34dB, and lowering the heat generated by the projector. NEC also offers a long life replacement lamp (4000 hours).

The native resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA), but it will handle resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 pixels (UXGA) and scale them to fit its native XGA resolution. Scaling has the benefit of allowing higher resolution computers or images to be seen on the MT1065.

Although projector scaling is very good these days, some information is lost in the process by all projectors. It's the old 5 pounds in a 4-pound bag problem. It doesn't fit and something has to give. This is especially noticeable when there is considerable detail in the image. For example, a one pixel wide line might disappear or text may look a little out-of-focus, but the benefits out-weigh the drawbacks.

To ease setup, the unit is equipped with power focus and a 1.25:1 power zoom lens. Manual keystone correction features can fix all keystone problems within plus or minus 40 degrees vertical and 27 degrees horizontal. The power focus is very quick and an auto focus feature is provided for rapid focusing in the event that the projector or screen location is changed.

The unit supports DVI-D and offers RGB and BNC inputs for data or component video. A monitor loop-through provides a connection for local viewing on a monitor. The MT1065 also supports all the popular video sources including 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i, component video, S-Video and composite.

Its dual PC Card slots can support memory cards, wireless Wi-Fi 802.11b or a wired connection such as an Ethernet card. The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price is $9,995. This price does not include a Wi-Fi or memory card. You will need to purchase Wi-Fi cards for the projector and each of your wireless users, and memory cards only if you have a need for them.

MT1065 Connector Panel

For those interested in the physical ins and outs, the MT1065 connector panel is illustrated for your reference.

1 - RGB1 IN / Component Input, RGB1, Audio Input Stereo Mini Jack
2 - RGB2 IN / Component Input (BNC), RGB2 Audio Input Stereo Mini Jack
3 - DVI IN (24 pin), Audio Input Stereo Mini Jack
NEC MT1065 Connector Panel
NEC MT1065 Connector Panel
4 - RGB OUT for computer monitor loop through, RGB Audio Out Stereo Mini Jack
5 - S-Video In (Mini DIN 4 Pin), S-Video Audio Input Jacks R/L (RCA)
6 - Composite Video In (RCA), Composite Video Audio Input Jacks R/L (RCA)
7 - Audio Output Jacks R/L (RCA)
8 - USB Port (Mouse/Hub) (Type A) for USB supplied mouse or USB peripheral
9 - USB Port (PC) (Type B) PC mouse control with Remote or USB mouse.
10 - Remote (Mini Jack) for wired remote control operation
11 - PC Control Port (D-Sub 9 pin) for projector control by a PC using a serial cable.
12 - 2 PC Card Slots (Type 2) for a wired or wireless LAN, Memory Card(s)
13 - PC Card ejection buttons

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