Ten Canon LV-7255 Multimedia Projectors Enhance Visual Flavor at Mynt Lounge in Miami Beach

Visitors to Miami Beach's Mynt Lounge are routinely dazzled by the A-list celebrities that frequent this premiere nightclub. In addition to its highly innovative decor and hand-picked crowd of beautiful people, the Mynt Lounge's environment is further enhanced by the light show streaming from ten ultra-portable Canon LV-7255 Multimedia Projectors.

South Florida A/V installer Midtown Video recommended the 2500 ANSI Lumen power of the Canon LV-7255 Multimedia Projector to Mynt Lounge to provide an outstanding combination of performance, value, and dependability. "Canon's LV-7255 projectors play an unusually important role at Mynt," says Fernando Iglesias, vice president of operations for Midtown Video. "In addition to providing the visual ambiance - the projectors are the primary light source - this club can't open until the Canon projectors come on."

Unique Visual Environment
According to Iglesias, the Canon LV-7255 Multimedia Projector's very short throw distance - capable of providing an 80-inch image from as close as 76 inches - make them ideal for Mynt Lounge's physical layout. "Nightclubs today don't have an official dance floor, so people are dancing everywhere - standing up on chairs, tables, you name it," he points out. "The projectors we specified had to have an extremely short throw so the images being projected wouldn't get blocked by people dancing."

Suspended from a 14-foot ceiling made of high-tech materials, the 10 Canon LV-7255 Multimedia Projectors are at the heart of Mynt Lounge's sophisticated visual environment. Four projectors each face the club's side walls, projecting onto acrylic surfaces, while two additional projectors cover the front and back walls. VJs can control hundreds of stylized images, via a touch-screen panel (programmed by Midtown Video's Jesse Miller), which then play out, via Mynt Lounge's video servers in matrixed sequences that can show up to 10 different pictures at a time. DVD players that allow the VJs to "scratch" images are an alternative input. All of this video is then fed to the club's 10 LV-7255 projectors, which provide its unique visual environment.

Features and Functions
Canon's LV-7255 Multimedia Projector is a native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution unit with a contrast ratio of 600:1. Featuring genuine Canon optics and a 1.6x wide-angle zoom lens for outstanding image quality and brightness, the LV-7255 Multimedia Projector can project images from 25 to 300 inches in size. Compact and lightweight (7.3 lbs.) for easy portability, the LV-7255 Multimedia Projector employs a powerful 2500 ANSI Lumen lamp for projecting bright, sharp images in a wide range of environments.

The Canon LV-7255 also features Auto-Keystone Correction to automatically correct for keystone distortion (up to 30 degrees +/- vertically) and enhanced Wall Color Correction, which enables users to project onto non-white surfaces, such as a chalkboard or painted wall. Users can select from several wall-color options for quick, adaptive color correction so that images are closer in appearance to how they would look if projected on a white background.

As with all of Canon's LV series Multimedia Projectors, the LV-7255 model provides easy connection to multiple video sources, including DVD players, laptop and desktop computers, digital cameras and camcorders, VCRs, and other devices (optional cables may be needed). A high-quality component video connection makes the LV-7255 Multimedia Projector ideal for DVD and HDTV (1080i, 720p, 480p, or 480i) display, while the projector's analog VGA-out terminal even lets users connect the projector to an external monitor. The LV-7255 Multimedia Projector includes five automatic image modes (Presentation, Video, Cinema, Standard, sRGB) and one User (custom) mode enabling users to modify gamma and other brightness settings.

Crowd-Pleasing Visuals
Controlling the many features of the LV-7255 Multimedia Projector is easily accomplished, via a user-friendly intuitive on-screen menu and wireless remote control. This particular feature makes it easy for Mynt Lounge and Midtown Video personnel to access maintenance features that keep the club's ten projectors running at peak-performance levels.

"We really appreciate that the projectors notify us when their filters need to be cleaned," Iglesias says. "People smoke a lot in the club, so that's something that happens often. Maintenance capabilities like that represent an outstanding facet of the projectors' functionality."

The Canon LV-7255 Multimedia Projector's built-in technologies and bright, sharp projection performance are a winning combination for the needs of this very special venue, explains Iglesias. "High-end video is attractive and is making its way into more and more exclusive nightclubs. Projectors provide unlimited new looks to the venue, and by going with Canon, Mynt Lounge made crowd-pleasing visuals an extremely dependable proposition."

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