Progressive Law Firm Mirrors Glasgow Success in Edinburgh Office

As one of the country's leading law firms, with offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Biggart Baillie is continuing its embrace of new communications technology to help improve its relationship with clients.

Integration company Mediascape has introduced a full audiovisual infrastructure solution for the firm's client suites and training rooms in its Glasgow and Edinburgh offices.

After the initial installation in their Glasgow office, the team at Biggart Baillie were so impressed that they ordered the same configuration for their new Edinburgh office, located in the heart of the Exchange District in Fountainbridge.

The Mediascape solution for the Biggart Baillie Glasgow office in July 07 specified Christie's LX450 4500 lumens XGA LCD digital projectors in the reconfigurable boardroom, working in combination with a Draper Revelation in-ceiling mirror system. The Revelation can be designed to match the ceiling grid, and since the projector is concealed up in the void (behind a hinged door) any noise from the device will also be suppressed.

Angus Mackenzie, Biggart Baillie Director of Information Technology commented, "This has been a great success. Users have more freedom and technology is no longer a barrier between solicitors and their ability to communicate effectively."

Angus Knight, the Mediascape MD, has been using Christie projection equipment regularly since establishing the business five years ago. Angus notes that from the Biggart Baillie approach, it is clear that the leading law firms are taking a far more dynamic approach to improving communication infrastructure.

The concept proved such a success that the formula has now been repeated in Edinburgh on a similar footprint.

In both offices, the large Boardroom/Meeting room can be split into two spaces via a wall divider, with the two LX450's firing in opposite directions onto motorised screens located above the ceiling grid system.

Mediascape have dipped further into Christie's LX inventory, specifying ceiling-mounted LX380's in the respective training rooms.

"Under AMX touch panel control the mirror, projector and motor screen all drop down and the audio is set at the correct volume," explains Angus Knight. "We have provided Biggart Baillie with a complete control package - because it worked so well in Glasgow, we have simply been able to duplicate the project."

Angus is a big fan of Christie's LX series LCD projectors - and last year also successfully used the LX450 at the GTG Training's £10 million purpose-built centre in Glasgow.

"What we wanted to do here was match that quality of light output using a projector which has been proven in the past."

The partners also make use of video conferencing, and a Polycom VSX-7000 signal is sent to the projector (along with other data and composite video sources, including FreeView) via the 8.5" AMX touch panel and audio matrix. "Biggart Baillie can show PowerPoint displays from the various floor boxes with the aid of an AMX switching unit," explains Angus Knight.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our Christie LX450 projector page.