After sharing prototypes at industry trade shows over the last 18 months, Digital Projection has officially launched its ground-breaking Satellite Modular Laser System. With a choice of relatively lightweight projection heads that can be connected via optical cable in a variety of configurations to one or more rack-mountable laser sources, it promises a high degree of flexibility for a variety of installations.

Satellite MLS  black slider

Components in the initial system offering include compact satellite projection heads for WUXGA up to 8K resolutions, sized differently to handle different maximum brightness, and a single laser light module which produces 10,000 lumens that can be distributed to a single or multiple heads as needed. The system can be configured in a "one-to-many" setup in which the module feeds multiple projection heads—up to four—with an even split of brightness to each for a minimum of 2,500 lumens. Alternatively, up to four of the light modules can be tied to a single head in a "many-to-one" configuration for up to 40,000 lumens of brightness.

Notably, the light module is a discrete RGB laser source that delivers its rated 10,000 ANSI lumens (with 10m umbilical cable) at the industry-standard D65 color temperature and with color gamut described as close to the full Rec.2020 spec, making the system attractive for entertainment applications or other situations where color accuracy is critical.

Although this is not the first high-output, tethered projection system to come to market, the relatively small size and weight of both the heads and light modules compared with previous offerings—much less a fully integrated projector—promise to fit wide range of applications. The larger heads for 4K or WUXGA resolution weigh in at less than 40 kg (about 88 pounds) while the smaller head (WUXGA only) weighs in at only 19 kg (42 pounds). Their integrated closed-loop cooling system seals critical optical components from dust and debris, and they operate quietly with no more than 43dBA rated noise. The largest head is smaller than 18-inches square without lens and the smallest head about 13 inches square, which helps reduce the cost of an environmental enclosure if one should be required.

The laser modules, which feature a 19-inch wide, 4U rack-mountable chassis, provide full brightness from either a 110v or 240v power line. They weigh less than 25 kg (55 pounds) and can be placed as much as 100 meters away via a pair of glass fiber cables. Laser life is rated for up to 30,000 hours.

DP SMLS Heads sideview
The largest of the satellite projection heads is less than 18-inches square without its lens, and the smallest about 13-inches square.

Along with support for resolutions up to 8K, the Satellite Modular Laser System will support Digital Projection's 4K-HFR (high frame rate) projection. As demonstrated last year in the introduction of the INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 laser projector, this technology handles frame rates up to 360 Hz to allow up to three users to simultaneously share an immersive 3D experience at full 4K/60 Hz resolution.


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