An Enlightened Experience at Seattle Community Church

Seattle Community Church (SCC) based in Seattle, Washington, seats up to 350 members in its sanctuary and values the use of audiovisual technology to ensure that each individual receives the best possible experience from every Sunday service. Like many worship centers around the country, SCC believes that projecting images  and scripture during the service helps to emphasize inspirational and spiritual messages.

So, when the SCC recently remodeled its facility to improve lighting in the worship sanctuary, it was surprised to find itself faced with an interesting challenge-to find projection technology that complimented the increased brightness of the room.

Fortunately, in addition to an experienced worship team, SCC also has a highly knowledgeable technical staff. The church has an audio/visual ministry that consists of two systems coordinators that oversee the weekly sound system for Sunday worship. In addition, Pastor Fred Choy has extensive knowledge of the church's projection system and was key in selecting the right projector to meet the congregation's needs.

"Before our recent remodeling effort, the sanctuary was poorly lit," said Pastor Fred Choy. "When we upgraded our lighting, we found that our 1600-lumen projector was no longer bright enough for the main auditorium. We heard about Hitachi's new 4500-lumen projector and asked to have a demonstration and it became the perfect choice for our new worship center".

For comparison purposes, the SCC tested a number of other competitive units, but preferred the brightness, cost and reliability of the Hitachi unit. Now, the new CP-X995W, 4500-lumen projector from Hitachi is mounted from the lighting at the rear of the main auditorium and is used during weekly services. "We see a huge benefit in using projector technology to enhance the worship experience," said Pastor Fred Choy. "It allows us to use visual aids to enrich the service and to reach every member of the congregation. Hitachi has been our brand of choice because of its reliability and strong commitment to serving our ongoing needs."

As houses of worship continue to find new ways to inspire their constituents, their use of technology also evolves. SCC has found that Hitachi America, Ltd. is committed to delivering audio and visual technologies that meet its changing needs and those of the church community.

Courtesy of Hitachi America, Ltd.

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