-- Hitachi's PJ Man® software allows for remote monitoring and management of all projectors on the network from a remote location. --

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA,, December 3, 2007 - In a project that underscores the networking capabilities and ease of installation of Hitachi 3LCD projectors, Issaquah School District in Washington State has purchased Hitachi CP-X265 projectors for several of its 23 schools. The projectors were purchased through Troxell Communications and are networked for easy monitoring and management from a remote location.

Located in King County, WA, Issaquah School District serves the city of Issaquah and parts of Sammamish, Renton, Bellevue and Newscastle. There are 23 schools in the District, including the newest addition, Grand Ridge Elementary, which has been outfitted with more than 40 Hitachi CP-X265 projectors.

Upon receiving a funding grant for technology, Issaquah School District searched for a projector that offered networking functionality and high brightness at an affordable price point. "We have integrated interactive whiteboards and document cameras in our classrooms, so we needed projectors to complete the system," said Jeannette Stansell, technology specialist, Issaquah School District.

Because of the large number of projectors installed across several different schools, the District chose to standardize on the Hitachi CP-X265 projector. The CP-X265 enables monitoring and management of multiple projectors simultaneously over a network. From her office, Ms. Stansell can easily monitor the status of the projector (or many projectors), such as lamp life, input source and if each projector is turned on. Moreover, Hitachi's proprietary PJ Man® software allows for control over these functions from a computer.

"The projectors were very easy to network, I simply hooked them up, installed the software and configured the projectors using the IP address," Ms. Stansell noted. "On my computer, I can scroll through the PJ Man program, see if there are any problems with any of the projectors, and can make adjustments accordingly. If anyone has left a projector on at the end of the day, I have the control to turn it off. I can check the status of projectors from virtually anywhere, and anything that can be done in the classroom from the projector's remote control can also be done using the software."

Since installing the CP-X265 projectors, the networking capabilities have prevented a lot of maintenance issues that previously existed. "Before we purchased the new projectors, we had to check each projector individually to see when the filter needed to be cleaned, which was not practical," Ms. Stansell added. "This was dangerous because if the filter wasn't cleaned in time, airflow blockage would build up, which impacts the lamp life. That isn't a concern anymore."

Perhaps even more significantly, the networking functionality allows for quicker and more effective communication in the event of an emergency. "If an emergency arises, I can send out an emergency response message to each projector on the network," Ms. Stansell said. "That message will override anything else being displayed on the projectors, and will also automatically turn on the projectors to display the image if they are not in use."

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