-- The District chose the CP-X265 projectors for their ease of operation, high performance and networking functionality. --

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA,, January 16, 2007 - Reinforcing the ease of installation and price performance of Hitachi 3LCD projectors, the North Syracuse Central School District in New York recently outfitted two of its larger schools with CP-X265 projectors. Roxboro Road Middle School and Gillette Road Middle School standardized on the CP-X265 in June 2006. Every classroom in both schools include a CP-X265, which were sold through Troxell Communications.

In 2005, the North Syracuse Central School District began a renovation project dedicated to upgrading the facilities in the middle schools. Part of this renovation included an opportunity to introduce digital technology as part of the curriculum.

Roxboro Road Middle School has more than 1,000 students and approximately 70 classrooms. "When we started the renovations, we knew we wanted to start utilizing digital technology, so we piloted our seventh grade English classrooms with projectors and document cameras," said Joe Menard, principal, Roxboro Road Middle School. "We settled on the CP-X265 because they were easy to operate and performed to our specifications."

According to Dan Johnson, also a principal at Roxboro Road Middle School, the students took quickly to the technology. "The level of engagement of the students right from the start was incredible," he said. "The presentation technology in the classroom is now on par with the entertainment technology that students use at home, whether it's a computer, television or video games. Because of that, the interest of the students was piqued immediately."

Also part of the North Syracuse Central School District, Gillette Road Middle School is slightly larger than Roxboro Road, with 1,327 students. Like Roxboro Road, Gillette Road Middle School standardized on the CP-X265 3LCD projectors. According to Audrey Gangloff, principal of Gillette Road Middle School, the projectors are being utilized creatively and have already had an impact in contributing to a dynamic learning environment.

"In every classroom that I walk by, the projectors are being used," Ms. Gangloff said. "I've seen them deployed for a number of different purposes, including video streaming and interactive student presentations."

The Hitachi CP-X265 3LCD projector offers a brightness of 2,500 ANSI lumens at a light weight of 7.2 pounds. Ideal for the education market, the CP-X265 allows for remote control and monitoring, adding to the convenience of the end-user and a lower cost of ownership. It also features Web control, allowing for management of several projectors simultaneously over a network. Additionally, the CP-X265 boasts an "e-Shot" feature that enables up to four electronic images to be recalled or displayed using the projector's remote control, Hitachi's PJCtrl or PJMan applications.

Looking to the future, the North Syracuse Central School District plans to take advantage of the networking functionality offered by the CP-X265. "The next phase of our implementation of the projectors will be networking," said Christopher Nelson, director of instructional technology, North Syracuse Central School District. "One of the main reasons for standardizing on that model was the networking capability and we are looking forward to establishing that infrastructure so the status of all the projectors can be monitored from a single location."

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