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NEC NP610 Projector on the Road with FitzSimmons Photography

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NEC NP610 Projector NEC NP610
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500:1 Contrast Ratio
3500 Lumens
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FitzSimmons Photography relies on NEC to help educate workshop attendees Renowned photographer Dave FitzSimmons travels the country to share his love of photography with beginner to intermediate photographers looking to get the most out of their digital cameras-whether it's a point-and-shoot or SLR model. In January 2010, FitzSimmons scheduled seven workshops for the year and quickly realized his need for a display solution that included a portable, high-output projector for presentations at each workshop. One of six Sigma Pro Photographers in North America, Dave FitzSimmons founded FitzSimmons Photography 17 years ago, committing to artistic integrity and environmental conservation. Over the past two decades, his work, ranging from landscapes and wildlife to weddings and commercial photography, has reached an estimated two million viewers. FitzSimmons travels across North America presenting programs, seminars and small-group workshops. His published work has appeared in Popular Photography and Shutterbug, calendars with industry leaders BrownTrout and Barnes & Noble, and several upcoming books. He holds a Ph.D. in English from Ohio State University with a specialty in narrative theory, something that deeply influences his photography and writing endeavors.

The Challenge

With a typical photo workshop that includes up to 20 people, FitzSimmons begins his session in a classroom setting where he teaches photography skills to attendees before they go into the field and shoot on location. He knew that the simplest way of presenting to his attendees would come in the form of a projector to display his photographs and further explain his educating tools.

"The 2010 photo workshop series focuses on nature, so we meet in various spaces near state parks, preserves and other natural areas," said FitzSimmons. "Classrooms range from conference rooms in lodges and resorts to log and stone park shelters, so I needed a projector that could withstand any conditions we might be assigned to at each facility." With each classroom environment varying widely with windows, skylights and safety lighting, FitzSimmons needed a projector he could depend upon that would make his images appear vibrantly colored and super sharp at every workshop session. Having previously used NEC projectors, always with accurate color reproduction and 100% reliability, he researched what model would best fit the needs of his upcoming workshops. The most essential features for FitzSimmons were No matter the environment or lighting challenges, the NEC NP610 portable projector has allowed Dave FitzSimmons to easily conduct his photography workshops across the country with no worries about his presentations. brightness, color accuracy, weight and size. The projector needed to be small and light enough for travel, including easily carrying the projector onto an airplane. At the same time, it needed to produce true colors and be bright enough for a variety of projection locations.

"Of course, as a photographer, color accuracy and nuanced reproduction of all tones from black to white are just as important as brightness, but they're not the only plusses," said FitzSimmons. "I have used NEC displays for years and can count on accurate reproductions of both colors and tones, all the way from blacks to whites. While some projectors burn out details in highlight areas, every NEC projector I have used renders subtle details in light to almost-white areas, from footprints in the snow to light-colored patterns on wildlife. The NEC NP610 embodied all of the requirements I had for this specific application."

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