Where can Tensioned Advantage® and Advantage with SightLine™ be installed?

The answer: Anywhere you'd traditionally use a standard black drop electric screen!

From standard ceilings to high ceilings, the SightLine feature is ready to stun.

With SightLine, the screen is suspended by 3-4 thin cables, leaving the area between the ceiling and screen exposed. The cable drop extends up to 70", depending on your needs. You can drop the projection screen to the height you need while preserving the look of the room, the way the architect intended.

Tensioned Advantage Sightline Large


The boardroom is often the most distinguished meeting space in a building, which is why Tensioned Advantage and Advantage with SightLine are great solutions.

These screens are known for their high performance, and adding a sleek cable drop makes the room look even more high-end.

SightLine Meeting Room Cable ScreenContent Large

Large Conference Rooms

Tensioned Advantage and Advantage screens are a mainstay in conference rooms today. Traditionally, they arrive with the classic black drop above the screen. With SightLine, however, you now have the option of a cable drop suspension for easier installation, increased aesthetics, and so much more.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

A versatile space deserves a versatile screen. Fortunately, the SightLine feature offers a flexible, future-proof solution that is perfect for multi-purpose spaces.

The screen extends to any length you need (up to 70") and is ready for future projection technologies.

Best of all, the cable drop creates a sleek aesthetic that highlights the architecture of the space.

SightLine  Industrial Events Space Cable Medium

Small Lecture Halls

Projection screens help aid the learning experience, so for lecture halls, screens with the Sightline feature are a great fit.

Keep learning tools and materials front and center while maintaining the look and feel of the room. This solution also adds the opportunity for speakers or cameras to be installed above the screen - keeping them out of harm's way.

SightLine Auditorium Cable Medium

Rec Rooms

Screens with the SightLine cable drop can be used for work and play. In fact, they make a great addition to a recreation room.

The screen drops down when needed and disappears into the ceiling when not in use. Additionally, the Tensioned Advantage can be paired with Da-Lite's Parallax® Stratos 1.0 screen surface to combat ambient light when it isn't possible to darken the room.

Home Theatres

With people spending more time at home than ever, home theaters are all the rage. Tensioned Advantage and Advantage with SightLine lets homeowners upgrade their entertainment areas with the latest AV innovation. Da-Lite's industry-leading projection surfaces make your favorite movies and TV shows come alive, and now the screens are even more stylish with SightLine.

Retail Spaces

Get the versatility of an electric screen while mimicking the look of a large flat panel display. With the Tensioned Advantage with SightLine, you can go as large as a 177" diagonal in a 16:9 aspect ratio for maximum impact.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg for the SightLine feature applications. The adaptable cable drop makes it a great solution for anyone who needs an aesthetic, future-proof projection screen.

Learn more about the SightLine feature's capabilities:

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