Optoma has just announced the Optoma IntelliGO-S1, an ultra-compact mobile 1280x800 projector with an Android operating system and 8 GB of memory that lets it download apps such as Amazon, HULU, and Netflix (plus 700,000 additional apps). While capable of projecting images from mobile devices such as phones and pads, the IntelliGO-S1 can also download and stream movies, games, TV programming, and more. For content stored on removable devices, the IntelliGO-S1 sports an internal multimedia player that interfaces with the projector's USB and Micro SD inputs.

Rated at 500 lumens, the IntelliGO-S1 will give you image sizes from 20"-150" depending on ambient light conditions. And the tiny IntelliGO-S1 tips the scales at only one pound with a footprint of approximately 4.75" x 6.25". It comes with a padded hard-sided carrying case to keep it safe with a lot of portable use.

Optoma IntelliGO-S1 key features:

  • 500 ANSI lumens

  • 1280x800 native resolution

  • Built-in Android OS with Aptoide Open Source App store

  • 15000:1 contrast ratio

  • 20000-hour lamp life

  • (2) USB, (1) Micro SD, and (1) HDMI input (MHL-compatible for mobile device mirroring)

  • 8 GB internal memory

  • Bluetooth enabled

  • 2-watt speaker

  • Manual focus (no zoom)

  • 1-year warranty on projector

Optoma IntelliGO-S1 Connection panel
Connections include USB 2.0, HDMI with MHL, USB 3.0,
Ethernet, an A/V port, Micro SD, and audio output.

The Optoma IntelliGO-S1 offers a unique combination of traditional projection with the ability to download over 700,000 Android apps. Its internal 8GB memory can store apps like Amazon, HBO GO, Pandora, Spotify, and many others. This allows content streaming from these apps as well as wired sources using an HDMI, USB, or Micro SD connection, which makes the IntelliGO-S1 one of the most versatile mobile projectors we've seen. At one pound with a footprint the size of a small paperback book, the IntelliGO-S1 is perfect for quick moves from venue to venue.

The IntelliGO-S1's 500 lumen rating means you won't want to try to light up a 120" screen in full ambient light, but it is certainly versatile enough to project a variety of image sizes in low to moderate ambient light, and with a little experimentation you can determine your preferred image size for each ambient light situation and subject matter.

This projector has a fixed lens (no zoom), with a throw ratio of 1.2. That means it will throw a 100" wide picture from a distance of 120", or ten feet. You determine the size of the picture based on how far you place the projector from the screen.

The Optoma Intelligo-s1 is the size of a paperback book

If streaming content isn't available, the IntelliGO-S1 can display images via its HDMI/MHL, USB, or Micro SD inputs. Text, photos, movies, and presentations are presented either in 16:10 or 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio depending on the source. If the internal 2-watt speaker is insufficient, the Bluetooth interface can power an external speaker.

The Optoma IntelliGO-S1 is a unique projector with a terrific combination of features not found in any other projector. It combines extreme portability with 1280x800 resolution, wireless connectivity, a 20,000 LED light engine, Android OS, access to 700,000 apps, and the ability to display pretty much anything under the sun. It has just begun shipping at an estimated street price of $429.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our Optoma IntelliGO-S1 projector page.


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