The Optoma MovieTime™Advances Technology Integration at Bullard ISD

Bullard ISD near Tyler, TX, has roughly 1,640 students in 4 schools in its district. Technology Director Lee Sleeper has been working over the last few years to update the IT infrastructure in the school district and to integrate technology tools such as projectors into the classrooms. Lee commented, "My idea of an ideal classroom technology setup would be to have a computer, projector, document camera, and remote interface in every classroom." Lee has been working with several of his teachers to test various technology tools in their classrooms. 4th and 5th grade teacher Kenzie Powell reviews spelling words for an upcoming vocabulary test using an electronic chalkboard and a MovieTime projector.

One 4th and 5th grade teacher, Kenzie Powell, has been using an Optoma MovieTime™ projector in conjunction with her laptop computer, wireless chalkboard and document camera as she teachs vocabulary and language arts to her students. Kenzie really appreciates the "all-in-one" functionality that the MovieTime offers with a built-in DVD player and sound system. She noted, "The MovieTime projector is very user friendly and has a menu that is easy to understand. I like the options that the projector offers and the additional benefit of being able to play a DVD. I can't wait to grow a curriculum DVD collection to use in the classroom."

The Optoma MovieTime utilizes DLP® technology from Texas Instruments to deliver stunning, razor-sharp images and a highly reliable, consistent picture quality. After using the projector for just a short time, Kenzie remarked, "Right away I noticed the clarity and precision of the picture being displayed, which allowed my students to better see the material being projected." The MovieTime is a great fit for the classroom with its easy setup, integrated DVD player and sound system. "What I like about the MovieTime is that a teacher can take it right out of the box and use it in a matter of minutes," Technology Director Lee Sleeper remarked. Whether it be for situations where several classrooms need to share a projector or to replace the old TV/DVD cart in the classroom, the MovieTime projector offers schools versatility that is unmatched by a standard projector.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our Optoma MovieTime DV10 projector page.