Screen Research, the respected European manufacturer of premium home theater and cinema screens, says it has become the first screen manufacturer to receive product certification from the Professional Video Alliance (PVA).

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Screen Research is the first screen manufacturer to achieve product certification from the Professional Video Alliance, an independent third-party that verifies specifications and performance parameters.

Like the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and THX, the PVA is a third-party organization known for training video calibration professionals (under the aegis of LionAV) as well as for its product certification programs. PVA member companies include well-known brands in the video calibration world such as Portrait Displays, Murideo, Lumagen, Klein Instruments, Jeti, Home Acoustics Alliance, and the International Colorist Academy, among others. The PVA was founded in 2018 and is said to "offer cooperation between manufacturer members that share best practices and support each other at trade shows and other events."

Though the details of PVA's certification testing are not shared publicly, PVA founder Gregg Loewen explained during a chat at this month's ISE show in Barcelona that the focus is on providing independent verification of manufacturer specifications and performance claims. To achieve PVA Certification, products are submitted by manufacturers to the PVA offices, an approved third-party certification organization, or through an on-site visit for testing and product recommendation.

In the case of Screen Research, for example, the brand is renown for its ClearPix line of acoustically transparent woven screens, for which it claims a remarkably small attenuation of audio frequency response in the critical 10kHz to 20 kHz range. Color and brightness uniformity are also a critical performance marker for these and other Screen Research materials.

With its newest certification from PVA, Screen Research's screen fabrics are now certified by three organizations, including THX and ISF certification for the ClearPix family, and ISF certification for their other lines—MultiPix, FusionPix, SolidPix, and SilverPix 3D. The company is also known for its advanced masking systems, including the XLR3 system highlighted in our ISE 2023 show report.

Screen Research was founded in France in 2001, and was acquired by Italy's Adeo Group in 2010. Screen production was moved to the Adeo Screen facility in Poland where the company conducts research and manufacturing. Its products are sold in North America through a network of rep companies and dealers. More information can be found at the Screen Research website.


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