Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet School in Dallas attracts students from across the Richardson Independent School District boundaries, drawn to its unparalleled academics, leadership, and innovation. The school participated in a 3D pilot program with Texas Instruments utilizing a Sharp PD-3010XD 3D projector which according to Principal Megan Timme allowed the students to learn "in a whole new way."

"The students particularly enjoyed learning about the volume of complex shapes, which is a particularly difficult concept to not only absorb but to teach using only two dimensions. Hearing them talk about it afterward in such detail let me know that they not only enjoyed it but remembered it. Learning this way could do a lot for increasing test scores and information retention."

For third-grade teacher Brittany Russo, the Classroom3® 3D lessons from JTM Concepts lessons in symmetry and volume were an ideal complement to her use of manipulatives, computer clips, examples, and group work. "The students just LOVED this," she said. "It can be hard to keep kids' attention - there are only so many pictures you can show before some kids get bored or frustrated."

My kids are especially 'hands-on,' and weren't getting these concepts when we looked at them on paper. But when we taught the same material in 3D their understanding of these abstract concepts just blossomed. Some of my students who used to have a hard time finally grasped the concepts and enjoyed learning. They were excited to do the pages in the workbook because they actually understood the material. The classroom environment also changed when we handed out the 3D glasses from Xpand. The kids commented that they felt like they were transformed into futuristic robots and liked the high-tech feel of wearing the glasses."

"One of my students actually said to me, 'We are actually having fun while learning - that never happens.' And our post-lesson test scores had the best averages - and I was the only one using the 3D lessons - so you'd have to say the 3D display had a great impact on their learning."

Principal Megan Timme underscored Russo's observations. "I believe the kids are more engaged because they are able to take abstract concepts and make them more concrete in their minds. An engaged child is a successful child."

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