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DAVIS to Shut Down Projector Business

May 30, 2001

Developing story...

Kongsberg Gruppen, the parent company of DAVIS, has announced that it will terminate efforts to sell DAVIS, and that further investments in new projector products by DAVIS will be abandoned. Accordingly, the company will be downsized and the focus will be narrowed to the sale of current inventory, and service and maintenance on products already delivered.

This announcement is expected to have an impact not only on products marketed under the DAVIS label, but it may also impact other manufacturers that market DLP-based projectors which are originally manufactured in whole or in part by DAVIS, including Runco and DreamVision. Meanwhile DWIN indicates that their former reliance upon Davis exists no longer, and that the move by Davis will have no effect on the manufacture and availability of their DLP projector, the TransVision.

Stay tuned for more information...